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Welcome to Southern Belle Grace! Here you will find a mix of DIYs, product reviews, life discussions, and a whole lot more. Around here, I like to keep it incredibly simple and fun.

I’ve been raised in The South and I quite enjoy my Southern lifestyle because I fully believe there is nothing better than it. The slow pace of The South has always been one of my first loves.

Feel free to continue scrolling down for some extra goodies that I’ve included here on the home page!

So come on in, grab your glass of sweet tea, and sit a spell!


Trula Marie

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Suggested Reads


My Official Aesthetic

I took Mr. Kate’s quiz over on their website and got my official aesthetic thanks to it. I absolutely adore my results, and it has really helped with me with me decorating for the apartment.

Alumna Life

Alum/Chapter Relations

A greek life post about Alum/Chapter relations that circles around inviting your alums to events. It’s a partial rant/important information as to why alums don’t come to events!


The Princess Diarist

It’s been a while since I finished a book and this was one of the last ones that I actually got to finish. It is a book of mixed things from Carrie’s diaries she kept during the three movies as well as her musings that she could recall. The way she laid it out for us is amazing and it really helped me through the whole losing her process.