How I Keep Organized

You would think that being in school would teach you how to be organized. In college, I was constantly organizing my things differently – even at home I was like that. Now that I’m home on a more permanent basis as I job hunt, I’ve gotten a little better on my organization techniques – although I wish I had more containers to do it with!

Let’s start with my closet because if that area of my life is a mess, then everything else is completely a mess. So my closet is usually seasonal but I have thankfully managed to down size so that all my hang up clothes will actually fit all in one closet space. Now the left side of my closet if you were facing it is all my winter clothing. The right side is all the spring, summer, and fall clothing. The two sections are split by all my dresses ranging from winter sweater dresses to the summer strapless numbers. My jeans hang towards the end of the spring side because I hide my crafting set of drawers in the corner. My clothes are then suborganized by color. Yes I’m that kind of person. At least this way, if I know I want to wear a certain color then I know where to look!

My shoes are also in the closet, just not in the floor. I tried that but I just couldn’t keep them organized well there in the floor and were everywhere! Like it literally looked as if my closet was exploding shoes. So therefore, I cleaned out the storage shelves in my closet and put all my shoes that I have kept – trust me I did spring cleaning this year and got rid of a good small bit – on the shelves. It’s the best thing in the world! Yes I have to dig for my shoes but let me tell you, getting them off the floor was one of the best things ever! I have them separated by boots on the top shelf, heels on the second shelf, and sandals & flipflops on the third.

I’m so bad about organizing that I even have a specific drawer for my sorority shirts. I have that many and trust me the collection is going to keep growing. I know that you have to leave your college years behind but that doesn’t mean you can’t show you’re sorority pride when you’re out grocery shopping or hanging with your non-greek friends. I love the experiences my time in Greek life as an active gave me. Plus it’s it an Actual Total Sorority Move to wear your letters out in hopes that you’ll run into sisters? So I have a drawer dedicated to all of my sorority shirts. I have another drawer strictly dedicated to my other t-shirts as well as one for just leggings and one for shorts. I have a drawer for workout clothes, sleep clothes, the tanktops and camis, and the underwear. I literally try to have a drawer for everything. I even have a mini closet in one of my dressers and I keep what I consider my “nice” dresses in there like my Lily Pulitzer, my Lauren by Ralph Lauren dresses, and so on.

I have a trunk that sits at the foot of my bed and I keep all my sheets and such in there. The idea is to have things that you can use to store your stuff in that also goes with our décor! The same goes for your bathroom, dress it up! Make it you but have it go with your décor. The more it blends the more likely that people won’t noticed it! They’ll just think it’s part of your theme.

I organize so much that I even get to the level of having everything organized on my laptop. It might sound crazy but it makes my life so much easier! Knowing where things are makes my life so much easier, like when I’m working on blog posts or revamping the blog. Having everything in one place makes life so much easier. Although I don’t have my own kitchen, I’ve been religiously pinning things to help keep my kitchen organized in the future. That’s one place that I have to have everything in its place. If my mom would let me at the kitchen we currently have with all the clutter of dishes and such that we don’t use, then I would have the kitchen where I’m not constantly having to ask “Where is this?” or “Where is that?”

As scatter brained as my life may seem, I’m so big on organization but only if it’s in my style of organization. My best suggestion is to find ways that work for you. Experiment! Find your way of doing things and feel free to take a look at my Home: Organizing board on Pinterest if you want to see some of the stuff I’m compiling.