The Natchez Trace: A Day Trip

Part Two

As I said in yesterday’s post, I decided to do my post about the day trip in two parts. Sarah and I got a second wind once we decided to go get dinner. So we had ended up near Highway 72 which goes between Corinth, MS, and Muscle Shoals, AL, and we decided to have dinner at Rattlesnake Saloon. It’s one of the local eateries that’s been around for a few years now. It’s built into a cavern with a waterfall and they have local bands on Saturday nights to perform live music.

Afterwards we headed back home through Muscle Shoals and Florence. One of the biggest things that we have around here is Fame Studios. Yes, you read that right. Fame Studios is just right over the river in Muscle Shoals, AL. Many musicians have recorded records there including Willie Nelson.

Sarah in front of Fame Studios

After our little pit stop to stretch our legs, we made a split decision to head to downtown Florence and have some fun with the local sites there. This included a special trip to one of the business buildings where they have a beautiful fountain out front that just happened to be lit up purple in memory of Prince. And yes I’m totally showing off how many years of ballet I took with my pointed toe.

We made our way back up from the fountain and just checked out the local spots, even if they weren’t open. A couple of spots that we went to was Shoals Theater and an old diner called Trowbridge’s. We also saw this really cute Disney inspired motorcycle and I wish the person who road it had been there because I so wanted to meet them and shake their hand for an impressive bike!