Sorority Experience After College

I know that I’m supposed to write every day to keep this an actual thing but due to the internet at home, my blog posts may be few and far between until I get set up in my own place.

So today’s topic – because I recently had an interview that asked me questions about similar situations and how I handled them – is about sorority experience after college.

I know most of my readers would probably not care for this as they aren’t part of sorority life or they just write it off, but the experience that everyone else has had through their sorority life can give them a huge advantage in a sit down interview with employers.

Recently  I interviewed for a job that asked questions about problem solving and such. It took me a few minutes to recall things from my college days – as most of my job experience I was a low totem pole employee- but thankfully due to my active years as a collegiate I was able to answer the questions with scenarios that I had actually resolved myself.

So always make sure to add your sorority offices to your resume. No it’s not a paying job, but it’s a volunteer position. Yes we as sorority women are voted into our offices, but we volunteer to run for the position for the slate. We choose to run for these offices. The communications skills we create during our time in these offices give us the ability to work with the public in all kinds of ways.

I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but in truth, sorority women and fraternity men make up a good percentage of the working public. To give you a insight, an article from USA Today states that all but three of our nation’s presidents have been greek. A whopping 85% of Fortune 500 executives were apart of Greek Life in college. To give my panhellenic sisters a little love, the first female astronaut and senator were Greek!

We work together in these organizations with advisers who teach us how to function in the post-college world! Make sure you check back on all the wisdom they’ve shared because that may just make the difference between you getting the call for the job.


2 thoughts on “Sorority Experience After College

  1. I wish that more sorority women would promote their experience in their career!! We owe a lot of our skills and abilities to our offices in our organisations. My biggest hope is that people stop being ashamed of being Greek when they graduate- if you are embarrassed and are hiding it, people will only continue to treat it like it is something to be ashamed of.

    My current series on Life as a Sorority Alum is really giving me hope, though- there are so many Panhellenic women who are using their skills, and we need to focus on that! Wonderful post 🙂


    1. This is 100% true. I think it really helps because sure we volunteer for the positions but our chapters are the ones who elect us into these positions out of the belief we can do the job even if we’ve never done it before. And if that doesn’t speak volumes to potential employers then I don’t know what will.

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