That Summer Sunburn Life…

I have not been paid for this review of a product as this is what this post is about. This is just a product that I have been using for five plus years and it is what works for me.

Okay, I officially suck at blogging but hopefully this next week I’ll have a good three day write up since it’s Helen Keller Festival in Tuscumbia. Each day will of course be its own write up, but now for the reason I’m writing this post.

The blueberries have started turning, and we’ve been picking them the last couple of days. Now the first day we started picking it was much later in the afternoon, so I didn’t end up getting very much sun. Yesterday, however, was a completely different story. Mom got home early so we went and picked earlier in the afternoon. I didn’t exactly… Sunscreen down like I usually do when I’m going to be out in the sun. I’m a porcelian china doll. I burn extremely easily.

So we were out picking and get back to the house, of course I’m burnt on my shoulders. Not a big surprise, just because that’s where most of my freckles are located. Now I know everyone has their own version of dealing with sunburns that they think works for them. My favorite treatment by far from my years of sunburns is most definitely Solarcaine.

Yeah, for those looking at me like I’m crazy, I’m not. I ‘m not talking about the spray kind. I hate that. To me, even though it works, the application process hurts. This is why I buy the gel. Laugh all you want, I slather it on when my sunburn starts to hurt and sting. Within a few seconds after application, the pain goes away. See the gel has aloe in it to sooth the burning and moisturize the skin. It also has lidocaine in it which helps with the burns as well. Every time I have used this gel, the heat comes out of my burn with no problem. I don’t experience major peeling or anything like that. Plus it helps me sleep better at night. I’ve been using it for so many years now that I can’t go on a trip where I’m going to be in the sun without it. It’s a major pack no matter where I’m going.

So if you’re looking for something to try, I would most definitely try this. Plus it’s green gel. If you’re using it on kids, they’re going to enjoy the idea of getting to play with a green gel that will make them feel better.