Miss Katherine Elizabeth Taylor

So per a post I read recently about suggested topics for a blog post, I found one that screamed somewhat perfection. I know the title is kind of crazy, but who can’t help but love the adorable fur child in the photo.

As most people who know me can tell you, I have few things that really consume me. The one thing that consumes me on a daily basis and is the current love of my life is my adorable furry daughter, Katherine. Her full name is kind of a running joke between me and my mother. She has really awesome eyeliner as you can see in the selfie of us together.


So her name is jokingly Katherine Elizabeth Taylor. She’s most definitely the love of my life currently and definitely the subject of a lot of my photography. We got her when she was like two months old along with her brother and let me tell you they were both adorable and absolutely tiny!

While her brother immediately took up with my mother, Katherine is definitely my baby. I always love that during the winter, since her brother got out and did what tom cats do, she gets to come inside and snuggle with me. She’s definitely a lover, but always the sweetest thing in the world. Some of her favorite things to do are usually sleep most of the day and play with her mice toys – her favorite being her purple mouse from her first Christmas after we adopted her.  She really likes getting to go out off the screened in back porch to walk around in the yard. We’re pretty much blessed that because we only have her there aren’t any fleas to deal with. And there’s only one area of the yard that actually has ticks so I usually don’t let her run around there.

And before you ask, no she still hasn’t really grown into her extremely long tail. But during the summer when she sheds her winter coat and weight, she really doesn’t look like her head is proportionate to her body either. She’s just my precious little odd ball of calico fur. And the strangest colors for a calico! But she is a darling little thing and I absolutely love how full of sass she is.

Yes I’m one fur parents that does have conversations with their pets. And let me tell you she sasses back just as quick. Katherine is a total ball of energy once you get her going. Play time is my favorite because she loves to chase the uncatchable red dot. Definitely entertaining to watch. She’s honestly my favorite thing in the whole entire world and I love when she just wants all the attention in the world. Plus she doesn’t mind when I just want to hug and kiss on her for short periods of time.

See, Katherine and her brother were in danger of ending up at a shelter where there was a potential outcome of them being put to sleep if they were never adopted out. Katherine’s been my little companion for the last four years and I’m really grateful that I get to call her my little furry ball of sass.

I know this post is supposed to be about Katherine… Well I guess I’m also saying, adopt don’t shop. There are so many sweet cats and many other animals that are up for adoption at local shelters. If you can’t adopt, I highly suggest fostering. Your life will be so much more warm with an animal who just wants to love you comes into it.