My Make-Up Box

My Make-up Must Haves

So first of all I wanted to start by apologizing with the delay of this post. I have been writing my posts a day in advance but I couldn’t think of my topic until now!

Second, I wanted to state that I am not being paid for this post and I receive no kick backs if you purchase the products in this post nor have I been sent these products for a review. I honestly just shop make-up because I have super sensitive skin. It drives me insane because I’m always trying to find something that’s not going to break me out.

So this post is basically my round of up of my make-up must haves. I seriously cannot live without these products in my make-up bag, mainly for the fact that they are amazing and definitely my favorite products.

BB Cream & Foundation

Okay I’m lumping these two together because although they are completely different, they have the exact same function. My go to for both are from Bare Minerals. I got started on their make up about eight or so years ago, so I’ve been a long time customer. Even with the acne issues I still have on occasion, this make up is still the best to me. Their formulas for both their BB cream and foundation are amazing and I swear I never feel like I’m actually wearing makeup until I take it off at the end of the day.

BB Cream

BB Cream
Sells at Bare Minerals for $29.50

I use their BB Cream Opal 01 for my day to day routine when I want to look like I’m put together but don’t want to take a lot of time to actually put myself together. As I speak right now, I’m completely blank canvas because I’m not doing anything until Friday night! But on days when I’m going up to my aunt’s shop to help out or I’m just running around town, I put on my BB Cream, line and fill my lips, and toss on mascara. Literally it’s a five to ten minute process depending on how my eyelashes decide to play.  Now this is a slightly tinted BB Cream and will cover the things you don’t want hidden if you apply it properly. My idea of using it is because it has SPF in it – and I’m prone to sunburns – and it gives me a put together look without having to really work hard for it. Trust me, it’s worth the price!


Sells at Bare Minerals for $29.50

I use the Bare Minerals BareSkin Foundation in Porcelain for when I want my old Hollywood look or just want to feel extra put together. It’s such an easy application and it has SPF in it as well. This foundation has been a God Send. I’ve spent years shopping through foundation after foundation to find a color that fits my skintone, sadly Bare Minerals is still the only one I have found that even comes close. I’m not kidding when I say I’m literally porcelain white and was nicked named my mother’s porcelain china doll when I was little. This is an all-over coverage foundation and it makes my skin feel amazing! I never really worry about my pores clogging with it or the ingredients causing an acne break out. You really feel like you don’t have make up on when you put this on… Or at least I definitely don’t!


Now again I use two different mascaras and no I do not use them for different occasions. I literally have figured out how to get false looking eyelashes without having to actually apply them. I don’t particularly like having to put them on even though the weight doesn’t drive me insane, and I also don’t like the whole trying to make sure they stay when I do put on eyeliner or mascara.

Voluminzing Mascara
Sells at E.L.F. Cosmetics for $2.00

The first mascara I use is E.L.F.’s Volumizing and Defining Mascara. It’s most definitely a must have because it’s what gives me the false eyelash look with my top eyelashes. I love how it makes them look long and fills them out. You can’t beat the price on this mascara either! It’s one of my favorite E.L.F. products that I own, and I definitely plan on buying it again when I run out.

Lengthening Mascara
Sells at E.L.F. Cosmetics for $3.00

The second one that I use is E.L.F.’s Lash Extending Mascara. I use this on my bottom lashes to make them look longer since I really don’t like the idea of making the bottom ones look fuller.


Yes, I’m totally giving you a general outlook of what I keep for my lips. My first is always my Rimmel London Invisible Lip Liner.

Invisible Lip Liner 599 on Ulta
Sells for $5.99 at Ulta

If you haven’t seen the tutorials on Pinterest about how invisible lip liner can help keep your lipstick from bleeding, then you are completely missing out! I swear by this stuff because I never have a problem with my lipstick bleeding now, not even with my red lipstick and that’s the worst to usually bleed!

My second must have for lips is what every woman – in my opinion – needs in her make up bag. Don’t listen to people saying you can’t pull it off! All you need is the right shade!

Call the Shots 18 with bare Minerals.jpg
Call the Shots, sells for $18 with Bare Minerals

Yes, if you guessed, you are 100 percent correct. Every woman needs a tube of red lipstick in her arsenal because who can say no to the perfect red pout! I personally have maybe five different shades of red in my arsenal just because I adore the color red. I have the really deep sultry red for those rocker chick nights to the perfect share of red for those days when I just want to rock a classic winged eyeliner and a perfect red pout. Just make sure you see a professional about what shades of red would be good with your coloring. Once you have that, I highly suggest finding a brand and sticking to it. It makes life a million times better!

My last must have isn’t make up but it’s definitely something that I cannot live without! It’s my favorite tool and this one that I’m sharing with you is perfect for travel!

Elf retractable brush
E.L.F. Retractable Lip Brush, $3 at E.L.F. Cosmetics

This little puppy has been one of my absolute favorite purchases from E.L.F. And please do not believe some of the reviews on it. I’m so glad that I didn’t listen to the one and two star reviews at all! I love my little travel brush. You use the lid on the brush to push the brush up and then the cap keeps the tip covered when you put it back on the brush part so that if something were to bump it in your purse, your purse is protected against any lingering color on the bristles! It applies just as well as the eyeliner brush I keep in my box for my first application of color when I do my make up first thing.  Seriously I don’t know why no one else has made a brush like this because it’s perfect for those moments when you need to reapply your lip color!

Well that’s a wrap…

The lip brush pretty much wraps up my make-up must haves at the moment because I haven’t exactly found an eyeliner that I adore yet.  But my curiosity is what are your favorite make up must haves? Feel free to comment and share them!


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