Essie: A Nail Polish Experience

I am in no way compensated for using the following products or writing this review. I purchased these with my own money. These are my experiences from using these products in the last two or so weeks.

So I’ve honestly been searching for a topic for my next post which has led to the not posting in very much a month. I apologize for this but life has gotten in the way between trying to get my sleep schedule regulated again, applying for jobs, and running errands for my mother on occasion. Apology given, now on to the topic of this post.

I have spent pretty every year since like the fifth or sixth grade painting my nails. Mostly I kept my toe nails painted due to the fact that they were less likely to chip because I very rarely wore open toe shoes up until high school and college. Occasionally I’d paint my nails and as most middle school girls were, I really didn’t care if the polish chipped or anything like that. For me it was more of something to pick at instead of biting my nails – a habit which I may elaborate on if there’s any interest at a later date – so it didn’t really matter if the polish stuck or not. I wouldn’t even top coat the polish when I wore it just because I would pick it off eventually.

Now as I got on up into high school and college, the idea of my polish chipping drove me insane. I have tried everything short of making acrylic nails part of my routine. I mean yes I like to have acrylics on occasion and I’ll get them for special occasions, but otherwise I’d much rather paint my own finger nails because paying for a manicure every week because I want my nails done is pain in both the butt and the wallet. Plus you’re never really guaranteed to get the nail color you want unless you take a bottle with you and then you’re never really guaranteed you’ll get a perfect manicure.

Now everyone is always on about gel nails, but I already have enough issues with my nails wanting to break half the time. Therefore I have sought out so many different ways to help with being able to paint them.

Originally I began using China Glaze nail polish which I absolutely love. But again I ran into the same problem, chips chips and more chips. I would apply their base coat formula, my two coats of color, and then my top coat. The topcoat took forever to dry and even then it would smudge and I’d just get frustrated. So the acetone would come out and I’d take off the polish.

I’ve tried mixing different top coats with it, but no matter what I used the nail polish would smudge, it would chip, or just completely peel off. Well after a bit of review shopping and product checking, I decided to give Essie a try. I’m not one to usually spend around $9 on nail polish when I feel that even paying $6 or $7 is too much, but for the sake of my nails finally holding a polish… Well into the pool of expensive polish I jumped.

I splurged about mid week last week and purchased a couple bottles of Essie polish in a couple colors along with their base and top coats. Now Essie offers different kinds of the latter, so I chose the “grow faster” serum. I really need the extra help when only two of my ten nails actually grow faster than the others. So home I went with my purchase and immediately to painting I went. Well I didn’t paint immediately. My nails lack being loved on in comparison to my toes so I actually buffed and such while my polish chilled in the fridge for fifteen minutes. Yes, the fifteen minute thing does work.

After I had the base coat on, I pulled my chilled polish from the fridge and set in on painting them. Now my first round with the polish didn’t go so well since I didn’t know how the different formula would function. After doing and re-doing my nails with it, I’ve learned the proper drying and applying top coat procedure.

I’ve successfully, since learning how the polish reacts and interacts with my nails, managed to pull off two colors for almost a week a piece. This is a major improvement for me because usually it wouldn’t be 24 hours and I’d already be missing half the color on one of my nails.

I have officially converted to Essie polish and I absolutely love the vast amount of colors that exist in their company… I’ve literally made a list of colors and I cannot wait to add them to my collection. Sure they’re small bottles, but they’re packed with awesomeness, at least in my opinion.