Invitation Etiquette

So recently I’ve been dealing with issues involving the whole invitation etiquette situation. In thanks to this I have chosen what my first blog post series is going to be about: Invitation Etiquette. This will be a multiple part series that will included selecting invitations, how to address invitations, online invitations, how far out in advance they must be sent and so on and so forth.

I know probably a crazy idea for a first multi-post series but I feel that in this day and age most people under 30 just do not understand the idea behind the etiquette surrounding invitations and it really causes issues for those they are inviting to things.

So here in the next few days I wil start my work and share it with you all! Who knows maybe it’ll help you with your next shindig. For now I leave you with these questions that I would love for you, as my readers, to read over and see if you know the right answers. And feel free to send in questions because I would love to answer them in my writings!

1. What is the appropriate time frame for wedding save the dates to be sent out? Wedding Invites?
2. How do you choose your invitation? Looks? Party theme?
3. Is online invitation etiquette different from snail-mailing invitations?