Which is Which? Alumnae vs. Alumni

I seriously did not plan this post. The main reason it’s coming up is because I keep seeing on multiple sorority posts about things that Alumnae are invited to the word “Alumni.”

Okay ladies, here’s your skinny on this.

You know how in college they refer to students who graduate from there as “alumni”? Well that’s because the word alumni refers to either a whole group of men or mixed company of men and women! So guess what, we aren’t alumni when you are no longer an active collegiate member.

Alumna and alumnae are only used for women alums. I know we’re in this age of feminism, but you know what? I’m kind of proud of my women’s fraternity. I’m a proud member of Alpha Omicron Pi. I’m proud of the fact that men have their fraternities, and we as women have our sororities/women’s fraternities. So here’s your cheat sheet, ladies! Use it please, because nothing infuriates me more than being referred to by the wrong title and I know there are many more that feel the same way as me.


Image from: Annual Giving

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