Invitation Etiquette: When To Send Them

Third Installment of Invitation Etiquette

So I finally actually have a moment to myself that isn’t being spent doing a million other things to get this post typed up!

Just like the title says, I’m going to give you the down and dirty skinny on when you should send those beautiful invitations that you have designed and addressed!

So the minimum to send out invitations to anything -now this is just my opinion- is three months prior to your event. Three Months. The idea of this is because most 9-5 jobs do their scheduling at either the start of each month or they do them in a month format where they are fixed every four weeks. Sending out your invitations three months prior to the event gives your guests time to figure their schedules out to be able to attend your event.

Now obviously for a wedding, the rule of sending invitations becomes different. Generally your save the date cards should go out six months to a year prior to the wedding. Then your invitations should go out at six months out from the wedding or three months depending on when you send your save the dates out.

The idea of all this three months out being the minimum is so that your guests have time to RSVP and get their schedules worked out. And let me tell you something, if they don’t RSVP, then they don’t get in the door. I’m being honest here. The whole idea of the three months is so you can set a cut off date on turning in RSVPs. Any RSVPs after that date are null and void, especially with a wedding. The idea is that you can – if you’re having your wedding catered in any shape or form – cut down your costs because you’ll have enough food for those who RSVP’d.

Granted I know I sound really horrible saying that, but it is common courtesy to RSVP to something you are invited to, whether it be that you are unable to attend or not. So therefore, the people who actually care about you will RSVP to your event. If they don’t, just don’t let them in to the event. Sounds cold and heartless, but I’m going to be honest, if you can’t extend the common courtesy to RSVP to my event whether it be my wedding or my birthday party or whatever the party is, then you have no business showing up. It’s just how I feel about it. Now it’s up to you if you follow that advice, but I mean, it’s logical as Dr. Spock would say!