Victoria’s Secret: New Bra

Well, they’ve done it again. Following on point of how crappy 2016 has been, Victoria’s Secret has had it’s share in the muck. Not only have they discontinued their swim wear collection – which was a really dumb move if you ask a bunch of women. It is hard enough to find bikinis that fit as it is people! – but they have also discontinued their Fabulous bra. I mourn this loss of a wonderful bra deeply because it’s the third one I had tried from the place and had fallen in love with it nearly three years ago.

My two nudes had fallen apart and I finally have a job and money so that I can actually go and replace at least one of them. Low and behold, I walk in and do a walk around three times before finding out that they have discontinued my favorite bra! And just when they’d revamped them to look all neat and 20’s styled!

Well, I immediately asked the lady helping me what bra she suggested that could meet the wonderfulness of the Fabulous Demi – I am no where near blessed but I have got pretty decent sized girls in my opinion so I much prefer the Demi to a Push-up just because of personal experience. She suggested that I switch back to the Very Sexy in the Demi. That wasn’t happening. The cups – even for a 36C – were far from what I wanted. So I asked about the T-Shirt Bra in the Demi. She recommended it and of course it was much cheaper than the rest of them, so I bought one in nude.

And I can now say that other than the cups being somewhat bigger than I expected, I thoroughly have been enjoying  the t-shirt bra. I’m waiting for the semi-annual sale that usually takes place in December/January to go and get a few more in my size – even if they are not in nude. The bra is extremely comfortable and surprisingly sometimes I actually forget that I have the thing on to begin with. It’s mostly just noticeable in the underwire area for me and truly only after a 12 hour shift at work. Even then it is still like they are barely there.

To be honest, I am truly shocked that I would even consider recommending this bra, but I definitely do if you are anything like me. I have to be comfortable when wearing my bras because I do wear them for extended periods of time. It truly is super comfortable and I can say I am really falling in love with it more and more as I wear it.

P.S. The lady who helped me actually told me a wonderful way to wash our bras ladies that will make them last even longer!

When you have a full day at home that is not super hectic, fill your kitchen sink with warm water and your laundry detergent. Gently agitate the water with your hands while your bra is in it it and then let it sit for a little while. Come back, rinse your bra, and then hang dry! I haven’t tried it yet, but I will definitely update on if it works well or not.