E.L.F. Daily Face Cleaner

Disclaimer: I receive absolutely no kickbacks for any of the product reviews that I do on this blog. This includes any of the products mentioned in my make-up roundups. I chose to do these because I want to share my honest experiences with products that I use because I never know who it might help.

Eyes, Lips, & Face (ELF) came out with their own skin care line over the summer. Me, looking for a face cleaner that would not completely wreck my skin decided to give their daily face cleaner a try. And let me tell, it is the best seven dollars that I have ever spent on anything in my face cleaning arsenal.

I have been through the Proactive stage – that just messed my skin up a million and more ways. I ended up switching to Beauty Control’s sensitive line because basically my skin is sensitive to the Benzoyl Peroxide or whatever it is that is in the Proactive. Well not that the Beauty Control line was not amazing, it just was a whole lot of work to remember it once a day because of all the parts of it.

So when ELF released their skin care line I figured, what the heck? Let’s try the cleanser. I literally would not go back to anything else that I have ever used prior to this. It is water based! I know, kind of shocking in a way that it is water based and I am raving about it. To be honest, I was extremely skeptical at first when I bought it but I figured for seven dollars and no shipping paid out, well it certainly would not hurt to try it.

So safely purchased, I immediately could not wait to use it that night. When I did, I was shocked at how clean my face felt without feeling crazy dry. Now that the winter has set in, I do have a small bit of dryness but sadly that comes with the harsh cold of winter. All of my skin has been giving me problems so I know it is not the facial wash doing this.

I absolutely adore this face wash and definitely will continue to buy it as long as I can. This is definitely a product I not only love but would definitely recommend to any woman looking for a facial wash that is not going to make them go crazy with a multi-part routine. It is absolutely perfect for a woman constantly on the go in my opinion.