Holiday Parties

Proper Etiquette for Holiday Shindigs

With the holidays gearing up to begin their normal rounds of fun in the next few weeks, I thought it would be a nice idea to touch base on some of the etiquette that comes with these parties. I know, I know. This is probably just going to be how the hostess should act, well you could not be more wrong! This is actually for those that will be attending holiday parties this season! So, let us dive in.


When responding to an invitation to a party, the number one rule is to make sure it is done as promptly as possible.

Facebook invites come in three options: Attending, Maybe, and Not Attending. If you know for sure that you will or will not be able to attend, by all means pick the first or latter of the options when you RSVP on the social media platform. If you are not sure of one direction or the other, then I cannot stress enough how highly I encourage you to RSVP as a Maybe guest.

Most people include the number of Maybe RSVPs in their attendee count to make sure that there is plenty of food for a party. And the best part is, that if the Maybes do not show to the party, there is plenty of leftovers to be taken home with the guests that do attend OR can be donated to a food kitchen – just saying. But the point is, this can give them a way to make sure that everyone gets food at the party.

If it is a phone call RSVP, make sure you are clear with the host/hostess so that they know if you are attending, not attending, or potentially attending.

For online evites outside of Facebook, I would highly suggest if there is a note section on the RSVP – in the case that there is not a Maybe Attending option – that you address that you might be attending if you mark attending. Most online evites have a maybe option, but as a precaution make sure you pay attention.

Party Directions

No, this does not mean directions on how to get to the party.

Sometimes, if it is a party being put on by work or by your women’s fraternity, then there is some added fun to the party such as Dirty Santa or Secret Santa. Make sure you follow the rules as far as the limit on gift price are. If it is something that is crafted make sure you do not reveal how you did it because that takes all the fun out of it.

Oh and if they say it is a potluck type party, do not be a bad party guest and show up empty handed. Go to Walmart and buy some cheap holiday cookies if you must, but do not show up empty handed. You will look like an ignorant idiot. Plus, potluck parties are the best! You can bring anything you want, just please do not show up empty handed.

Directions to the Party

If you are going to a host’s/hostess’ home that you have never been to before, make sure you pay attention to the invite. There should be somewhere for the address to be placed on the invite. If you cannot find it or it has been accidentally omitted, then do not feel like you just have to dangle and ask other people. Contact the host/hostess for the address. They will most likely inform you where it can be found on the invitation or they will make sure it is added to the invite if they find they have accidentally omitted it.

Dress Code

Every party has its own dress code. It can range from ugly sweaters to cocktail. Make sure you dress appropriately. Showing up under or over dressed can be very embarrassing and a little annoying due to party fun such as games. Always make sure you are comfortable though!

Just Have Fun

Literally this is my last piece of advice, y’all. Have fun this holiday season with those you care about. Just have fun!