Friday Freebie – Holiday Edition!

With Thanksgiving in basically a few days, I have currently been working on getting my Christmas card list together. I actually spotted really cute contemporary cards at Walmart for $2.86 so I am most definitely not going to complain. I actually have made a note to go closer to Christmas and buy up a bunch so that I have cute cards for the next few years.

I truly hate Christmas Card shopping the most mainly because I have such a hard time finding cards that just fit my personal aesthetic… And that is just because I am completely not normal when it comes to things like that.

But none the less, cards have been purchased which has led to the inspiration for this holiday freebie from me to you! As you may have figured out from my last freebie post, I am absolutely obsesssed with anything that has to do with stationary. From correct etiquette to the perfect look on my return address labels, I am completely in love with making my cards a memory in and of themselves.

Last years labels had left me wanting, but sadly I did not have the time to create some that I would absolutely be in love with. This year is a completely different story. I have had enough time this year not only to completely get my cards purchased and begin my list of recipients, but to also create Return Address labels that I adore and cannot wait to send out to my friends and family.

I’ve included an image. These are much like my others and have 60 to a page to print. I use Avery Clear Easy Peel Return Address Labels. They also have those that will work with Laser Jet printers and these should print on those as well as the template is for both. Just clink on the download link below the photograph of the labels and enjoy!


Christmas Return Address Labels