Happy Turkey Day!

I know, get off the blog and spend time with the family. Well this year it is just me and the mother.

I just wanted to take a moment to just reflect that there are truly important things to this holiday.

One is that we should all be thankful for our families. Now I do not mean you biological necessarily. It does not have to be your biological family that you call your family. What I am talking about are the people that are always there for you. That is your family people. Be extremely grateful for the people who choose to stay in your life no matter what goes on because those are the people you need in your life. Not those people who come and go like leaves in the wind because they think they can get something out of you.

Two, be thankful for our troops. If it were not for them, we would not have the freedoms that we have today.

Three, be thankful for everything you have been blessed with. You do not know when it could be snatched away at any second. So just please enjoy the time you have with the people in your life. Say a prayer for our troops or send them good vibes.

My last thing is to make sure that you all think of those at Standing Rock fighting for their right to clean water. There is a wishlist on Amazon for them – click here to be taken to it. If you cannot buy anything on the list, make sure to share it with your facebook family and any other social media outlet family. They are being unjustly treated by the police and need all they help they can get. Protesting peacefully and being sprayed with water in freezing cold temperatures? Protesting peacefully and being shot at with rubber bullets?

It is a call to action this holiday season. Please help if you can. There may be a gofundme that may be raising money to actually buy some of the things on the wishlist. Donate if possible.