The Family Elf

As I mentioned in my post this past Tuesday, we do Elf on the Shelf in my house. Now granted, we do not have kids in my house that are of “child” age. I mean, we do when my extended family comes up to visit. The main reason we have one is because I wanted an Elf on the Shelf. So mom did some communicating with Santa and he gave us our own for the house. But Ellavorn is also at our house because of our extended family. They have their own elves at home, but we thought it would be a good idea for the times when they stayed with us to have an Elf reporter for Santa there as well.

So Ellavorn returned this past Monday – she gets special permission from Santa to return either on Thanksgiving or a few days after – to help finish decorating for Christmas as well as to help with Christmas card work and other fun Christmas things!

Ellavorn hanging in the tree, November 28.

With me being at work at least three days a week puling 12 hours, decorating is going slow. Hopefully this weekend, the two of us can get the decorations on the tree and start in on working on Christmas presents for everyone this year.

I typically just go shopping with mom for our extended family, but this year I have decided to do my own thing. I really just want to get down and dirty in my world of crafts, so there will be plenty of paint involved as well as kitchen time.

Christmas is always my third favorite holiday, falling right behind St. Patrick’s Day in the running. But I will explain that at a later date. So they rank at Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, and then the Fourth of July.

But Christmas brings a major set of challenges. For starters, this is typically the coldest holiday we celebrate state-side… And yet not all of us get to enjoy a white Christmas. Just once, I would like to experience a white Christmas. It would make me extremely happy.to celebrate one of Christmas in my lifetime with snow on the ground. But alas, with climate change that most likely will never happen.

Anyways, I have got to get Christmas presents done in the next couple of weeks so that I do not have to worry about getting them done.  Plus I always enjoy doing fun things like this.

It is not that I do not find Christmas to be a wonderful holiday. My biggest problem is how it is used to make rich people richer and put a lot of people in debt to provide a good Christmas for their families. It should not be this way. Which is why I love Ellavorn in a way. She can be used to teach the real meaning of Christmas without going crazy on buying things for the kids. Like this year, I am probably going to make each of the kids their own ornaments that are special for each of them.

Meanwhile, Ellavorn is bound to get into a ton of mischief! And I plan on sharing it all here with you guys!