Christmas Pictures & Cards

The Family Tradition that Never Really Started

Some people have this tradition of doing really cute Christmas pictures that go out with their Christmas cards every year. To be honest, my mom never got on that band wagon. Not that we did not do pictures during Christmas, they just were not usually the ones sent out. Close family that lived near us got them of course! But we really did not do Christmas pictures every year. We have actually be slacking the last several years. Partially I blame myself, because in high school I was not the happiest with my complexion. It was horrible. Between the normal high school stress plus normal teenage puberty hormones, I practically had a new zit forming on an every other day basis. Therefore, there was no way pictures were being taken and sent to family.

This year, I had decided that mom and I were going to do a cute Christmas photo together with my sweet little Katherine. The process being slightly difficult because my “sweet little” Katherine does not exactly like to play nice with things, especially photos. That is unless the photographs are being taken on her own terms. It took a few rounds of photographs to get the perfect one that went out with the cards.

And the cards were completely different fiasco all together. Let me tell you, mail merging is extremely hard to figure out when you are brand new to it. But that was the least of my worries to be honest. I ended up having to go get more ink for my printer as well as to play enemies with my printer for the longest because it would not grab onto the envelopes for the longest. But thankfully I got it fixed and the cards have been sent out!

I got a few messages from friends and family thanking for the cards and the picture of course. I appreciate confirmations sometimes when I am unsure that things reach their destinations. But it was a fun thing to do this year, and I honestly cannot wait until next year to do cards and pictures again. But I think I am most definitely going to plan to do photographs about the middle of October or beginning of November instead of completely putting them off like I did this year. Honestly, I just could not get the oomph together to put my full face on.

This is just one of our holiday traditions that I am hoping is going to stick permanently over the next few years. I truly love it and getting to have Katherine in the pictures as well.