The Run Down: Poshmark Icon

So I have done a little editing on the blog look today, not much in changing how everything is laid out, but I have made an addition to the bottom of the blog. If you scroll down all the way to the bottom and click on the very last social media icon on the right, then you will instantly be taken to my closet on Poshmark.

I am telling you this because I am hoping in the future to get more of my outfits that I wear when I am not busy working up here on the blog so I can share how I style myself in my many moods, and anything that I chose to get rid that is featured here will be there and available for purchase!

I already have a few listings in my closet, and I am slowly making headway to get the rest of the clothes that I have pulled on there as well, but right now it is a little tough to do with work. Hopefully I will soon have more and more stuff up on there for sell so that I can downsize my closet as well as other things!

I am hoping to get a post out today about cleaning your closet out which will include my tips and tricks for doing it. Just like everyone else I have problems letting go of things so I totally understand the pain of letting clothes go! So hopefully the things I have found that work for me will help someone.