The Run Down: Hiatus Update

Guess who will officially be rejoining the blogsphere after this Friday!

That’s right. As of Friday, I will officially be off hiatus with some new fun stuff!

You’ll notice that I have added some events to the blog calendar, one of which is coming up the last weekend of this month. As I’ve stated probably a million times, I love my women’s fraternity so I’ll be attending a local brunch with a lot of local sisters for the celebration of our 120th year that weekend.

Also in the works are a Facebook for me as a blogger as well as to be used for the page. I will also be creating a Instagram account for the blog as well instead of using my personal one because there are certain things I just don’t feel comfortable sharing with everyone in the world. I’m still debating on creating another Pinterest due to the fact that the things I basically already pin – besides not pinning my posts there – are things I would pin on that account as well, so it probably won’t happen. I might eventually do a separate Twitter but not right now. For the time being, I think a Blog Instagram and a Facebook page will be fine.

I’m working on figuring out some fun live stuff to do with Founders’ Day so that will be the first bit that gets put on the Facebook Page and Instagram along with my getting ready. But there are so many more new things coming along with the page and Instagram. So make sure to pay attention to when the social media icons are updated!

I’ll see you all after Friday!