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#OOTD Founders’ Day Edition

So today is the day of the Founders’ Day Brunch and I have prepared a look into my look for the day!  I know this is an early morning post, but I figured it would be a good happy for people to wake up to.

I wanted to go really simple for today because it is a brunch… And who goes really super fancy to a brunch unless that’s how you do brunch. Well not me dears!

Red for Alpha Omicron Pi!!!!

So the dress is one of my recent purchases and is my second piece from one of Lauren Conrad’s collections carried by Kohl’s. I didn’t get the dress for the price it currently is online, but I still didn’t pay much for it in general. This is Lauren Conrad’s Mockneck Floral Lace dress. Like I said it is currently on sale at Kohl’s. I purchased a small after trying on the medium and finding I had a bit more room than I liked. I’m still not sure if that means I’ve lost weight or if Lauren has made her line geared to proper sizing. If it’s the latter, I want to say thank you, Lauren! If it’s the fact that I’ve lost weight, then still yay!

The shoes pictured are a pair of Steve Madden heels that I picked up a few years ago at Off Broadway Shoes. I checked the Steve Madden website to link them but they no longer carry them on that site. The same goes for Off Broadway Shoes. Which is really sad because I love these shoes and I guess that’s why I very rarely wear them because I want them to last as long as possible. They’re actually extremely comfortable and I have a black pair that’s not leather that’s like them as well.

Lauren Conrad Earrings

The earrings pictured are also by Lauren Conrad, but I could not  find them on Kohl’s to link them. Possibly because they were on sale when I bought them and they were actually the last pair at my local Kohl’s. Try looking on Poshmark for them because I believe I have found a pair like them on there before if you’d like to have a pair. Lauren Conrad has her own section on the site so you should be able to find them if someone is selling them. I highly suggest narrowing down to just jewelry and earrings to find them.

The necklace shown in the featured image is another one of my older pieces. I purchased it from Maurice’s about two or three years ago. It was kind of luck that the leaves on the earrings kind of match the ones on the detailing of the necklace. It’s a necklace that I can adjust the length with so I really love it and it goes perfect with this dress!

Feel free to share your perfect ideas for dressing for brunch in the comments! I’m always curious as to how other people dress when they go out to brunch with their friends.


2 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day

    1. I actually didn’t end up wearing it because it was getting on my nerves with the lace when I was getting ready. But it was one of my favorite finds ever at Maurices. You might be able to find something similiar on Poshmark.

      And who knows, I might actually end up putting this one on there because I actually don’t wear it all that much.


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