My Make-Up Box

Round Two of my Must Haves

It’s round two! And my make up box has found some new products in it that have actually shoved some of the products I talked about last time! So lets hop right to it.


Last time I didn’t have a primer that I was in love with until I took a chance on NYX Cosmetics. I was using E.L.F.’s Poreless Face because I have too many blackheads as well as medium sized pores. I found the product didn’t really work well with my Bare Minerals foundation. Plus I always felt oily in my T-Zone and primers are kind of also supposed to help with that. And it’s a major no-no when you already have oily skin.

So NYX has come to my rescue when I purchased their Pore Filler primer!

$13.99 at Ulta


I usually follow my moisturizer routine with this when I do my makeup because you always start with a clean face. It never makes me feel oily and actually I feel like my foundation just hugs my skin and blends much better with this primer. As much as I do love some of my E.L.F. products, their primer failed epically.

While we are on the note of primers, lets talk shadow primers. Now when I use my Bare Minerals eyeshadows, I don’t usually have a problem getting them to stay on. I guess it’s just the way they make their products. But I do have a slight problem getting colors from my NXY Cosmetics Beauty School Dropout Graduate palette to do the same. So I invested in a simple primer that is Ulta’s brand and works amazingly well.

$12.00 at Ulta

I really like it because it’s colored, but not like a crazy color. It’s actually champagne and it works well with the colors that I use. Now I’ve seen tons of tutorials that say to set it, but I’ve never done that and haven’t had a problem with my color staying either. So I truly think it’s a personal preference thing. If I start having problems, I might start then, but for now I’m pretty happy.


I know last time I said my E.L.F. mascara’s were my go-tos but they have officially been replaced by two of NYX Cosmetics wonderful mascaras.

The First is their Pin-Up Tease Boudoir mascara. I love how the brush is curved unlike the last extending mascara E.L.F. has. The brush doesn’t curve but the bristles are different lengths to give the allusion. My eyelashes love the NYX brush and it makes it so much easier to apply the product.

$5.99 at Ulta

The other that I’m in love with is their Doll Eyes Long Lash mascara. A I mentioned in my last make up round up, I have been nicknamed my mother’s porcelain china doll since birth. With this mascara, I really look the part with my eyelashes. It has fibers in the formula, so my lashes look better than the fakes. I still need to get my natural lashes to grow more, but I’m happy with how they are for now and how amazing this mascara makes them look!

$9.99 at Ulta


As I confessed in my last round up, I’m in love with red lipstick. Nothing has changed since that last post. I’ve purchased a few more shades of red but I’ve also delved into more pinks and neutrals on a random whim. But all these purchases have a single thing in common: that all belong to NYX Cosmetic’s Soft Matte Lip Creme collection.

$5.99 a piece at Ulta

I love the way these apply and how vibrant the colors are. I’m forever getting asked what brand and where I got them from. I’m also forever shopping at Ulta for most of my makeup because it’s more convenient than driving two hours for a Bare Minerals Boutique or a Sephora. Plus i build up my reward points as much as possible for when I need my more expensive products but I’m digressing.

These lipsticks are amazing, but as I will always do, I highly suggest investing in at least invisible lip liner, and if you feel up to it, a color that matches as close as possible to the shade of the lipstick. It keeps the color longer and can keep our color from bleeding too much or stop it from bleeding all together.


So my last little bit is about contouring. I’ve just recently – like the last year or so – started doing this. As a really pale person, it’s extremely hard to find a proper palette. Well look no more, NYX Cosmetics has come to my rescue. I had an E.L.F. palette but it hasn’t really worked all that well. So I used my points to get it. I love it so much and it swatches beautifully!

$24.99 at Ulta

Now I haven’t gotten to use it much yet – no opportunity due to working all the time. But as soon as I do I will most definitely write a review for it so that you can all figure out if it’s for you or not.



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