Cleaning Day!

Sorry for a delay in posting. I work tonight so I was attempting to sleep as late as I could… It didn’t work very well because obviously I’m awake if I’m typing this.

It’s a rainy day here in my part of The South. We were expecting 25 mile per hour winds and rain. So in came the adorable fur ball to keep her from getting soaked. Well the rain showed up but not the winds. Katherine is still inside, currently piled up next to me although she didn’t quite care for my earlier plans.

I have literally had need to clean up the counter space in my bathroom. I’ve honestly let it get really bad and I probably should have taken before pictures of it. It looked horrible because I’ve literally been living on borrowed time because of work. So today, I decided to do the cleaning that’s been plaguing me.

I’m not kidding, walking into your bathroom every time you have to use the bathroom, shower, or to get ready for anything and seeing the counter space just clogged with all your stuff and it really not having its own place. I’m so ready to get my vanity brought home and get it done so I can finally start using it and I don’t have to worry about everything being spread out on a counter top where everyone washes their hands. That is why I’m somewhat glad my brushes are in their own wrap and most of my makeup is closed off to potentially getting germs.

So today, I set in on just getting rid of things that I didn’t use in my makeup arsenal as well as just getting things off the counter top that I didn’t use or it’s not in season right now. But before all that could really happen, I had to scrub down the counter top. See when I blow dry my hair, it never fails that I’m going to have a little bit of breakage. While most ends up in the floor and can easily be swept up with the vacuum cleaner on a regular basis, my hair being as light as it is has a tendency to blend in with the white counter top so it accumulates over time. So today I scrubbed the counters down and got all of that hair cleaned up.

Next I started in on a lot of the stuff under the counters in the spaces that I use. I’d already taken my big garbage can in the bathroom and I started trashing the stuff that I knew I’d probably never use again. Once I’d gotten everything organized in containers. We’ve always had these white baskets around the house – I might spray paint them a different color at some point – so I used the ones that were empty to organize my palettes and my extra makeup.

I probably have some more organization to do in the bathroom considering my container of hair pieces like my bows and such, but for now I’m just happy to have the counter cleaned up and functional again. The same thing with the space under the counter…. Now to just get some acrylic storage things for the rest of my lip colors and such.


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