Is é mo chroí in Éirinn

My heart is in Ireland

Literally that is the translation of the title. My heart is in Ireland.

I’ve grown up listening to Celtic music for majority of my life. During a little family tree research, I discovered that there is a great deal of both sides of my family that are originally from Ireland.

I have literally looked through so many photography books, saved so many images, and read so many books about the history of Ireland that I can’t ever imagine getting to go there. It is my absolute dream travel destination. Like seriously, I have dreams of when I finally get to go.

Ireland to me is just so beautiful. It’s an island with its own culture so beautiful and lasting… Kinda like Hawaii in a way. And don’t even get me started on the castles and rest of the architecture. I honestly believe I could get lost in the historic areas – who am I kidding most of it is practically historic – with my camera for hours on end just taking photo after photo.

See, I think it’s great to do a little shopping when you’re there, but my biggest thing for a trip like that and being in a new place would literally just to photograph and immerse myself in it. I think I could actually give up hamburgers and all my normal food staples to just to try all the local foods. If you know me, then you know what a picky eater I am, but to essentially fill you in: when me and my mom go out to eat, we eat at the same places because I am such a picky eater.

But I think I’d do it if I were in Ireland. There’s just something about knowing your heritage and getting to visit places where your ancestors have come from. Plus, Ireland, to me, is absolutely gorgeous. I love how green and lush, how beautiful the architecture is, and don’t even get me started on Irish beer and whiskey. I keep a bottle of my favorite on standby for day when I just absolutely need a drink to take the edge off.

This place is like number one on my “Out of the United States” travel bucket list. What are some of you away from home travel locations?


2 thoughts on “Is é mo chroí in Éirinn

  1. I was lucky enough to do my graduate work in Dublin, it’s an absolutely gorgeous country and I can’t recommend it enough. (Spoiler: what they eat in Ireland isn’t terribly different from here!)
    Iceland is on my to-visit list! As well Copenhagen!!

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    1. My cousin went to Iceland during his last go around before he went to Ireland. All his photos have made it my number two at this point. Three is New Zealand because I’m a Tolkien Geek #IShouldHaveBeenBornInMiddleEarth


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