The Run Down: Question

Okay first I want to say that I’m really irritated because I just want to know what size the freaking featured images on here are supposed to be to work properly! And I cannot find the information anywhere, not even in the theme section itself. But I’m digressing for the moment.

So my question is: what do you guys want to see coming out of here?

Like I’m going to keep going with what I’ve been writing in a way. Tossing some fun craft stuff and things that I like, but I don’t want to just keep doing only that. Now I am planning on doing a makeup tutorial (looking at you An Historian) as soon as I can get a decent camera+mic that does video – I’m debating that as it just being my present to myself and splurging a smidge.

But I seriously want to know what you guys want to hear? Some more product reviews? I would say giveaway but I’m like legit holding off on that for the moment because I want it to just be the right moment… And right now is not the right moment. But it will happen! I am dedicating myself to making it happen because I kind of loved the last giveaway I did.

But I digress, seriously belles & beaus, tell me what you want to see!


8 thoughts on “The Run Down: Question

    1. I will gladly do tutorials once I find a camera that is reasonably priced and all that fun junk. I seriously promise that. And I might toss in some DIY craft videos as well. I’m highly considering doing a video on Stitched Letters but I’m not sure yet.


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