First Things First

A Prequel for All Future Makeup Tutorials

I thought in preparation for all of the makeup tutorials I hope to do that we might kick it all off with this post. To me this is a list that doesn’t have to be done, but I highly recommend doing majority of this list prior to watching any tutorial just because sure the products I may use work for me, but they might not work for you.

So without further adieu, belles & beaus, lets get right into the thick of it.

Number One: Foundation

If you’ve read the first My Makeup Box Round Up posts, then you know I have a faithful foundation that I always go for. I have not been brave enough to extend out higher up or lower than my Bare Minerals Bare Skin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation. I, of course, told you all in the same post I use the Bare Porcelain because lets face it, that is basically what color my skin color is if you’ve seen any of the photos of me on here or you may follow me on my personal Instagram, then you know how pale I am. A little digression here, but I will post a few more selfies on the Blog Insta when I get time to take some good ones… lately I’ve been feeling like poop.

My number one thing is that you need to find a foundation that is perfect for you. Before jumping into any kind of makeup tutorial what so ever, you need have a foundation that works for you. Not the one I use. Not the one some other makeup guru on YouTube use. Take your time, find your shade properly. Go to Sephora, Ulta, or a makeup boutique and let them match you properly. Please please please do this! Don’t trust the idea that the color is right. Because let me tell you something, Drug Store Ivory DOES NOT go with pale skin. It doesn’t. It just doesn’t. I could literally go on forever that it just doesn’t work. Drug store makeup brands get your ish together!

But like I said, go and get a foundation that you love, not the one you see someone using because you think you’ll like it.

Number Two: Skin Routine

Gonna be honest, I should have probably mentioned this first because skin care is so much more important than finding a foundation you love, but I’m writing this as I think of it and I’m not changing my order.

So get you a fabulous skin care routine that works for you. I know I posted the other day about my skin routine and that’s the one that truly works for me. I’ve tried Proactive. I’ve tried Skinology by BeautiControl.  Both just seemed to make my skin more irritated to the point where I stopped using them all together, each for different reasons.

I don’t use a toner. It’s not that I probably shouldn’t use one. I just don’t. I’m thinking about trying Witch Hazel out as it’s supposed to be a natural one. But I’m digressing again.

Get you a skin routine that you love, that you’re excited to use because it works for you!

Number Three: Red Lipstick

The next person I here say that they cannot wear red lipstick, I am going to Gibbs’ slap them so hard up the backside of their head that they will most definitely get the wakeup call.

Everyone can wear red lipstick! Do you hear me, belles & beaus? Everyone can wear red lipstick.

The trick to pulling off red lipstick is getting the right shade for you. So this has to do with your skin tone as well as your skin’s undertones. Go to a professional for this. Now you may be different than me and not need a red lippy in your arsenal. However, I do. Red lips have gotten me so many compliments… And a few smooches along the way. So do yourself a favor, find your red.

Number Four: Mascara

Okay, I don’t do falsies. If you saw my Insta Story the other day, then you know I own one set and never wear them. So the biggest thing I believe you can have in your arsenal for your eyes is a good mascara. I have three which are all part of NYX Cosmetics’ collections.

This is another one of those that you just have to try and try and try until you find one you like. For the longest there was a Rimmel on that I adored, but they quit making it. Sad day. So therefore I got sent on a search for a new mascara. I started with e.l.f. and then ended up with NYX Cosmetics. I just got a free Benefit one at Ulta.. But I’m debating keeping it around for a give away or trying it out. We’ll see. Technically I should have gotten the Tarte one but they were out. So I have until tomorrow at midnight to find an Ulta with it in stock. Probs won’t happen but hey it’s okay! I already have too much makeup and not enough vanity top storage.

But seriously find you a mascara the volumizes your eyelashes the way you want it to.

Number Five: Brushes

Here is my final thing guys. Five things, that simple.

Brushes. Get you a fabulous set of brushes. Now granted, I still use two of my Bare Minerals brushes because my set from BH Cosmetics came with a flat foundation brush instead of a round one. I quite like my BH Cosmetics 36 piece Ultimate Makeup Brush set but I still wish they were numbered because I’m still trying to figure some of them out with the pictures.

But make sure you get a great brush set. Amazing tools can make even the low end drug store makeup become submissive once you know how to use it.

Obviously this is just my list of things that I suggest. You can go about this however you want. If you have something you think I missed out on, make sure to leave a comment so we can share that with everyone!