A Product Review

So it’s been about maybe two years since I’ve used Proactive. But I can at least write a small short review on my experience with it.

I struggled big time with acne up until about the time I started the birth control patches that I’m currently on. I literally had what I referred to as a pizza face because I was constantly getting spots everywhere and I had a really bad habit of picking at my face.

My mom surprised about two maybe three years ago with Proactive when I came home from college for spring break. In the beginning, I was really excited to try this. You see the commercials and you think that your skin is going to look like that.

Mom was a little hesitant in the beginning. I had developed an allergy to the Benzoyl Peroxide that is actually part of the Proactive kit in some ways while I was in middle school. Sadly, benzoyl peroxide is in a lot of acne products. Ergo, one of the major things used to treat acne actually causes me to have an allergic reaction.

I used it religiously two times a day for a few months, until I started having skin sensitivity. Once that started, I moved it down to once a day. For a time that worked, but I wasn’t having an easy time keeping the acne under control at that point. Eventually the skin sensitivity started again and I had to quit it all together.

I guess I should also clarify what I mean by skin sensitivity. What I mean when I say that is my skin was super sensitive to like my pillowcases for all my pillows. After I would clean my face, I had to wait a while after my shower to do the toner and then had to wait a while before I could put the moisturizer on as well. I mean my pillow cases would make my face feel like it was on fire and it killed me.

Now granted, not everyone is going to have this sensitivity. My doctor always attributed it to my prone-ness to sunburns. I have no clue why my skin is so sensitive, but it is. So it’s been a really rough road to find products that I can actually use to keep my skin happy and healthy. I also know this is a really short review, but I don’t have a lot of good things to say about these products just because of my experience with them. They may work for some people and I’m so happy for those that it does. But this just wasn’t the product for me.