Big/Little Reveal

As the calendar said and my post from Saturday informed you all, yesterday was Big Little reveal for my collegiate chapter Lambda Omicron of Alpha Omicron Pi. I can now say with tons of happiness, that I am now a Great Great Grandbig times three.

Photo creds to the first Great-Grandlittle for the picture

To be honest, I love getting to spend time with my girls. We weren’t all there for dinner. But when I get to see even just a few of them, I swear it makes my day a million times better. I loved getting to surprise them with a handwritten card and roses as well as stitched letter shirts for three of the girls.

I don’t like to say that my girls are the best, but they know what they want and they go for it with all their heart and souls. They seriously make me unbelievably proud on a daily basis. Like you don’t even know how much I love them.

Like I can say it a million times, but it still will not explain to you the feeling I get when one texts me and says they miss me. Or getting told they can’t wait to see me because I’m coming up to visit or something. Getting to have just a couple hours with them Sunday night over dinner made my stress just melt away and for a moment, I was just happy to hear about all the things they were accomplishing as well as getting to give some small tidbits of advice.  I love that they all want to know more about things and are always seeking answers when they can’t find them or aren’t satisfied.

I truly believe that this is what our organizations are supposed to teach us. It’s not always about the parties and the fun things we get to do. It’s creating lasting friendships and learning to do things you never thought you could do before.