This Isn’t Spring

Guys, I’m serious.

Here in my part of The South, we’re still having winter weather. My mom had to bring Katherine in last night because it was going to be so cold outside. She’s currently snuggled up next to me on the body pillow keeping me company as I write. But look at this! Look at this:

Like seriously look at that! It’s supposed to be 22 tonight. And 23 tomorrow…. I work both nights at midnight. That means Little Miss Katherine will be staying inside the next couple of nights. She’s not going to happy about it considering she throws a fit when I’m not here to keep her company.

I really don’t get the bipolar weather here. I swear I can’t handle much more cold weather. I’m ready to be outside and taking photos like crazy. I’m ready for the roses to start blooming so I can start having fresh bouquets on the kitchen counter.

Belles & Beaus, I’m seriously wishing winter would just stop trying. You had three months, winter! It’s not our fault you didn’t want to really show up in November, December, and January. I mean yeah it’s supposed to warm up later this week, but I highly doubt it will be sticking around for long with my luck. I’m just so sick of the cold weather and constantly having to bundle up just to step foot outside for a second….

When is it going to be spring?!