Personal Aesthetic

I finally figured mine out.

To be honest, figuring out your personal aesthetic takes time. Not all of us are lucky to have been blessed with knowing our aesthetic early on in life. Sometimes you get lucky and that’s the way the cornbread crumbles for you.

However, if you’re anything like me aka the outcast since elementary school and then came into your own in college, then you understand the craziness that surrounds your aesthetic.

Senior Banquet via 2011

All through school, I was the weird girl. I was bullied. I never shy away from admitting it because it happened. I was told I dressed like I was poor, picked on for having warts on my hands, was told I needed to go on What Not To Wear, and pretty much ignored all through high school by the boys. So of course, I never really had the true opportunity to figure myself out. Sure, I loved the way I dressed. It was me and I was comfortable. I didn’t care what anyone thought, and if they had a problem, well… Then bless it.

Well, here came college. And there I was so uncertain of fitting in because I was so far from home and had no one I knew with me. Okay I had one of my sorority sisters who was from my hometown, but other than that I was pretty much alone.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 3.43.11 AM
The sister that convinced me to rush and I taking photos before formal in 2012.

I spent majority of the first part of my first semester in my dorm room, until the one girl I knew on campus told me to come to sorority recruitment and gave me the dates.

I was iffy until I went to a Kappa Sigma event and met the woman who would soon be my Great Great Grandbig. The minute I asked them to play the Time Warp, my fate was pretty much sealed.

I promise, I’m getting to the point of this post, belles & beaus, just stay with me here.

So I went through recruitment and kinda still spent my first semester in my room, but thankfully I met one of my college besties during recruitment. She pretty much forced me out of my room a lot, which now I’m grateful for. But to be honest, I still didn’t feel like myself. I still hadn’t truly found me.

So here came the search. I literally spent a lot of time just focusing on what I wanted to be. Sure, I loved Abby from NCIS. She has a killer wardrobe, but as much as I love it, it isn’t something that I would wear on a daily basis. So I started branching out to different styles of clothing. Jeans were alway a staple in my closet, just because I love the way my jeans fit me. I will always swear by my Levis. I love them because they’re so comfortable.

My Great Great Grandbig & Me during homecoming 2015

Next came trying to step out of my comfort zone of wearing t-shirts all the time. I know coming from a woman who joined a sorority that it sounds like complete blasphemy because we absolutely love our t-shirts. But that’s okay in college when you’re going to classes when there aren’t guest speakers. Sorry, but I have a full belief in dressing nicely when we had guest speakers! You never know what connection it could give you.

So shopping for a more business casual wardrobe came about. Cato’s is wonderful for that kind of stuff. But I still felt the need for everyday clothes to wear that I was absolutely in love with.

So to the boutiques I went. I’ve slowly accumulated pieces that I love, but it’s also really hard because everyone orders from different companies so it’s always this fun thing to try and figure out what sizing I am.

My current obsessions are tulle skirts. I’m just in love with them because they’re not just for winter. You can wear them all year around and I absolutely cannot wait to show off my two that I already own. I’m looking for a reasonably priced red and blush one so if you happen to find one in your browsing, belles & beaus, feel free to link me. And I mean legit blush. Maybe a burgundy one as well.

The point I’m getting at is this:

My bestie for the restie and basically my maid of honor when I eventually find the right guy.

Yes, I’ve found my aesthetic. But my aesthetic is made up of a lot of different styles. I love summer because I can go boho hippie or chic brunch. I love fall and winter because I can go vampy and feel like I’m literally walking around in the Underworld films. I love spring because of the blushy pinks and all the florals that pop up.

I have what you call an eclectic aesthetic. You never know which one you’re going to get with me on a daily basis. But one thing is always certain, I’m a southern belle through and through. That’s never going to change.

I love to dress up, don’t get me wrong. But I love getting to just put my boots on, wear a pair of cut-offs, and put on a tank to go out and drive the backroads.

Don’t let finding your aesthetic put you in one category. You shouldn’t have to be forced to choose between all the things that fit your personality, belles & beaus. If you feel like wearing a pair of jeans with your favorite t-shirt, then go for it! If that’s your thing, do it. For me, I flirt the edges of confining myself. I have days where I literally am able to fit most of my favorite things into my outfit for the day. And when I can do that, it makes me feel absolutely amazing.

Senior photos via 2011 with my favorite photograph. Channeling my inner Southern Belle.

So what if my gold and white planner doesn’t go with my blushy pink purse, my jeans, white tennis shoes, and coral-y peachy blouse. It’s me and I feel beautiful in it. That’s truly what finding your aesthetic is about. Just give yourself time and never sacrifice who you are by trying to follow all the trends. Because trends come and go, but your personal style stays around forever. Sure it has to change to some degrees as you get older, but it pretty much stays the same.

Because it is you.

What are your statement pieces that people know you for?



6 thoughts on “Personal Aesthetic

    1. Girl, just rock them! I don’t think they have a set place to be worn – at least in my opinion. I pair mine with a cute summer dress if I’m not feeling the flipflops.

      I’ve even paired mine with my Lauren by Ralph Lauren dresses!

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  1. I love this post so much! It took me a lot of time to realize what my personal aesthetic and style really was and I find that certain elements are always changing as I get older. I just recently graduated college and as a young professional my style is loads different than when I was schlupping across campus or going to frat parties! Love this post!

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    1. My style has always had moderate changes to it. But my style encompasses so many different specific styles that it’s really a hodge podge of things. Leggings and tshirt for workouts one day and then a white cotton dress and flats to go out for lunch.

      It’s really just about expressing who you are in any moment of any day.

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