My First Lularoe Leggings

First Impressions

Okay belles & beaus, I ordered my first pair of Lularoe leggings on 3/16. I was convinced because of what they had on them. Thank you to my sorority sister who was constantly watching for another pair like these. She had a pair on and posted a picture of her in them… And I just fell in love. Next to being Irish and loving my heritage, I absolutely adore Egypt and cats. What better than to have a pair of leggings with Maus on them.

17362091_10155134621935439_2187775032994234713_nSo that leaves us here. With these absolutely beautiful leggings that I ordered during a pop-up party that my sorority sister was having. To be honest, I was super nervous after hearing from multiple places that people were having problems with their leggings.

The last thing I need is a pair of expensive leggings that will rip either the first time I wear them or after being washed multiple times.

Now you guys, I own a ton of leggings. And to be honest, I very rarely wash them when I wear them because I am always afraid I’m going to ruin them anyways. So when I heard that some people were having issues with their leggings I became a little skeptical.

Well they just got here (3/20/17) and I can say that first impressions are amazing. I had planned to video my unboxing them, but I was far to excited to see them in person to do that. When I first pulled them out, I couldn’t believe how soft they were. I know that my great great grand big said they were like super soft but I never realized they were this soft until now. I mean I have a pair that feel like these do on the inside, but these leggings are actually quite amazing.

I’ve worn them for the past couple of days and have really enjoyed how they fit. They’re extremely comfortable. I haven’t had a problem with them tearing when I put them on – knocks on wood – and they seem to fit pretty decently. Usually I’m at least yanking at my leggings once or twice throughout the day to pull them up but I haven’t had to do that with these yet.

I’ll keep you all posted on what I think of them as I continue to wear them as well as the first experience with washing them. I think I’ll probably stick to the hand washing idea, but we will see.

I’m not saying go and spend nearly $30 on a pair of leggings right this second. Just give me a month or so with mine and I’ll give you all an update!