Current Inspirations

Hey Belles & Beaus,

It is finally spring here in my part of The South. Okay, yesterday was barely in the sixties but today we have a slight breeze but a wonderfully warm day nonetheless. I actually kind of napped on the back in my big rattan chair that I have so it was a good day.

But right now, I’m trying to gear up life for spring. I mean, I have spring colors in my wardrobe to some extent but I’m still needing some new pieces. But for this there needs to be a bit of inspiration.

Hello Florals

Is it really spring if you don’t have some kind of florals going on in your wardrobe? Just like the spring flowers that come out, floral colors are all part of that spring wardrobe. I’ve recently become a little obsessed with florals because I’m actually changing my room to that. Still working on figuring out the bedspread and such, but it’s a current inspiration for me. I prefer dark colored furniture, which makes all the floral colors pop! It’s truly part of my aesthetic.

Colored Capris/Jeans

Now I’m totally searching for some. We don’t have an Old Navy near us so I might have to make a special weekend trip with mom one weekend so I can look and get some colored jeans as well as maybe come colored capris. I got rid of all my old ones because I couldn’t fit them comfortably. So shopping I must go.

Pretty Flowers

I haven’t gotten to get flowers yet, but I’m so ready for a trip to our farmers market to see if I can’t find some. If not, then I might be investing in some flower boxes to keep on the back porch and plant some flowers that are non-toxic to my darling little Katherine. I really just like having fresh cut flowers and I’m extremely impatient for the roses to come in. But having gorgeous color flowers around makes me happy and inspires a lot of creativity.

So, there you go, my current inspirations. What are some of your inspirations for Spring 2017?