Third Book in the Outlander Series

Two posts in one day, I must love you all.

I just finished – because I couldn’t sleep – the third book in the Outlander series. To be honest, I was quite nervous going into it because of what took place at the end of the second book, Dragonfly in Amber, but dang if it didn’t have me crying in the first bit of the book.

I really don’t want to post spoilers, so I’m not going to. But you really should start reading these books, especially if you love the show. I have found that at least in the first two seasons they haven’t deviated from the books all that much.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book but I will also admit I was almost done with it to begin with and it somewhat dragged towards the end. Nevertheless, the book was good. I might have to have forced myself through the end of it, but stepping into the world of James & Claire Fraser brings so many ups and downs that sometimes the monotony gives you a moment to catch your breath.

And personally  with all the information Claire has learned about her darling Jamie in the book, the slow down at the end was needed to lead up to the next book.

Jamie was his typical rogue self if not even more debonair than we left him before he went into Culloden. Claire hasn’t matured quite as much as I would have hoped for, but I truly can’t blame her after being knocked up… And well, just go read Dragonfly in Amber or go watch the end of season 2 of the show if you really want to know what happened before Jamie went into the battle of Culloden. Seriously just do yourself that favor and start reading these books. I never thought I would love them as much as I do, but after watching the show and seeing the actors… Well it makes it easier to read the books in my opinion because Sam literally is my dream Jamie.

For now, I think I’m going to work on my currently reading list before I start buying books again. I usually have to pay full price for my Outlander books because they sell so quickly at the used bookstore my mother and I visit.

Next time we’ll be talking about the fourth book of James Rollins’ Sigma Novels The Judas Strain which I might get done here in the next week or so.


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  1. I’m resending this comment!

    I feel the exact same way whenever I post two posts in a day. It’s as if I’m extra productive or extra excited to share something! I’ve been reading the Henrietta Lacks book and When Breath Becomes Air. Both are really phenomenal.

    I love recent reads posts because they’re so interesting and you get to share good books with rad people! Thanks for sharing these books. I haven’t read anything from the series or author but after you’re post I’m definitely going to look into it!

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    1. I always love sharing my books that I read. You should definitely check into getting a GoodReads account though. I keep up with all of my books there and all my library is basically there. LOL

      I’m always looking for good books so I love reading posts like this myself. It can always help me decide if I want to try a book series out.


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