Favorite Youtubers

Hey Belles & Beaus!

So I know I’ve been somewhat MIA the last few days. I’m sorry. Work has literally had me worn out and I’ve been sleeping a lot to get caught up. As a treat, I’m not going to go into anything crazy, but I have some fun posts coming your way this week.

Today I want to share with you my favorite youtubers. These are literally mostly made up of make up youtubers that I’m absolutely in love with so I highly suggest following them. But there are also just some of my favorite people in general like celebrities and parody shows.

Onto the favorites!

Leigh Ann Says

I’ve used one of her recent videos where she’s partnered with Walgreens. Seriously, I love to sit and watch her videos but I also love following her page on Facebook as well as following her on Twitter and Instagram. Seriously, just… Spirit person. As I write this, I’m actually listening to her Huge Empties Review video in the background.

Go check her out! I love her make-up tutorials mainly because she’s very chill in a way with her makeup and that’s what I enjoy. You will not regret following her on youtube! Promise!

Roxette Arisa

I adore literally all Roxette Arisa’s videos so I thought linking her channel trailer would be a much better idea. Personally, my all time favorite video is her winger eyeliner tutorial. I actually discovered her and Leigh Ann by looking up those tutorials so definitely go check both out.

But I adore Roxette’s videos and how she does her contouring and all that. Her tutorials have helped me find some new tricks to try with my makeup as well as some new lip colors that I’m really considering ordering some of the colors she uses.

The Hillywood Show

Okay, The Hillywood Show.


If you are not watching their parody videos, you do not understand what the heck you are missing. Seriously! I randomly discovered The Hillywood Show back when they did their Vampire Dairies parody. I was watching TVD videos on youtube and it popped up in the feed so I clicked. I watched. I am now hooked.

The video above is their most recent release but they have been doing these for a while. At one time they had “Episodes” where they mashed a bunch of pieces from shows together with Johnny Depp characters and a bunch of others as well, but the link is no longer up on their website. *HINT HINT HILLY AND HANNAH*

But I adore them, Hilly and Hannah are wickedly talented for coming up with these ideas and I hope that maybe one day I will either get to meet them or have the pleasure of being able to be in one of their parodies because this things are amazing!

Bridget Marquardt

If the name sounds familiar, then kudos to you! I got obsessed with watching The Girls Next Door tv show on E! that followed the lives of Hugh Hefner’s current girlfriends at the time. Bridget was one of them. I swear Bridget is just me but older and more successful with life.

I include her “What In My Bag ’17” video because when you see how many craft store receipts she has… Oh lord, I would die if I ever got the opportunity to hang out with her let alone meet her. Seriously SOUL MATE FRIENDS STYLE!

Peter Hollens

This video shows my nerd level. YES I LOVE TOLKIEN! I don’t regret. Never!

But Peter Hollens is one of my favorite acapella guys. But he’s also the only one I follow and dedicatedly go and listen to on days when I reallneed to hear some good music.

Yes I will spam you all with his voice. Seriously, amazing voice. I would die to collab with him as a singer, but I don’t think I’m even on his level. This man has an amazing voice and is probably one of my favorite Tenors that I’ve ever heard sing and that’s saying something. I adore Josh Groban and this guy beats him in my opinion.

Sorry Not Sorry, Josh.


I hope you all enjoyed my round up of my favorite youtubers. Granted, I’m subscripted to many more, but these are my go-tos all the time.

Who are some of your favorite youtubers? Feel free to leave their names and links in the comments!