The Run Down: Exciting things!

Good afternoon, Belles & Beaus!

I have some exciting news.

First Exciting News

Y’all! Southern Belle Grace turns one this month.

Like seriously I’m so excited that I have made it to a year on this blog. I know I haven’t been majorly consistent. For a while there I just didn’t have the oomph, but thanks to some new blogging friends and some ideas that I have had popping into my head recently, I am hoping that will change!

But I have plenty of exciting posts come up for you, including my second piece of exciting news!


Second Exciting News

I have decided to make my cornhole post that is getting a smidge too long in drafts into a full three part series post!

Now this series won’t be as quick to post as my last one about Invitation Etiquette. This is because I want to include how I am doing my set that my uncle made me for Christmas two years ago. Life has been busy. I haven’t been able to work on them. So I’ve decided to start getting to work on them really soon so that maybe by the time I get to the final post of how I went through the process of doing mine, I can include photos of me working on my boards!

So wish me luck! I’m hopefully going to be picking up some outdoor primer and sealer for them once I do some googling. I’ll make sure to give you all my product impressions through the whole thing… I might also have to buy stock in wine.

If you’re a sorority girl and you do coolers, then you know where I’m headed with that statement.

Also, I want to know what you all want to see more of, so feel free to always leave me comments about what you want to see on here as well as what you don’t want to maybe see. Mind you, this will be at my own discretion but I would like to hear all your opinions!