Why Did I Start My Blog?

A One Year Anniversary Celebration!

Belles & Beaus, Southern Belle Grace turns one this month! I’m kind of shocked because I didn’t think it would actually be around this long and that I’d probably just give up, but I’m glad I haven’t. This blog has actually been helping me keep up with my 2017 goals as well as give me an ability to do two things that I love – writing and photography.

So thanks for sticking around you guys for the one year mark. I know I kinda of went MIA for a while there because life and was blogging sparingly. I promise I’m going to try a whole lot harder to be here and writing more. I have a list of plenty of things to write about so hopefully that will keep us going together into the future. And I’ll also hopefully be able to start doing videos soon – I’m saving for a good vlogging camera and a Diva light so I can do some requested make up tutorials. You know who you are! I just need to figure out a backdrop.

But, without future adieu, let us jump into the reason I started Southern Belle Grace.

Every blog has its story. I honestly feel like mine is just very unimportant, but I thought it would be a good idea to share it on the one year anniversary month.

So Southern Belle Grace – further referenced as SBG – originally started over on Tumblr. Yes, I know. Rule number one is not to talk about it. I don’t care! One of my good friends in high school introduced me to it and I discovered how big The Vampire Diaries fandom was there. Then I discovered other older fandoms that I had been part of at a younger age. So I signed myself right on up. Plus it was one of the few websites we could actually get on at school.

My blog was titled “little blonde abby” at the time because I loved NCIS and Abby Scuito. I had and still do have plans to get my degree for forensics so that was what inspired it. Well for a time I left my “personal” blog alone on Tumblr and moved to the role play part of the website, creating original characters for a lot of my favorite fandoms. No, I’m not going to share the titles or urls for those blogs.

Well following all after college, I moved back to my personal blog and re-christened its url “missscarletto” and my blog title changed almost every few months to a song that was on my non-stop playlist at the moment. Again it was more about re-blogging photos of things that I loved as well as just commenting and networking with sorority sisters at the time. Occasionally I would write a few meaningful – at least to me – posts. Mostly the dealt with sorority recruitment because I have very strong feelings about essentially lies of omission to potential new members – or as we like to call them PNMs – about all sisters getting along like we all love each other. That is the biggest lie you could ever let go around in sorority life. You’re not going to love all your sisters, but I digress.

My last semester in college ended a year ago this past December. During my last semester, I was an Alumna of AOΠ and doing an internship with minimal credits to finish what I needed to graduate. I was seeing a guy that I really liked and getting to spend a lot of time with my little bit as she will be referred to on here.

So I rebranded my Tumblr blog yet again and created SBG there. I slowly started writing some lifestyle posts there as well as still re-blogging things that I liked. Granted every post from here is posted on there, but they don’t go into the categories I have set there because I don’t really get on there much anymore and I don’t really feel up to taking the time to remember all those tags. There’s a lot, belles & beaus.

Well, life got crazy right before I technically graduated from college. When I say technically, I mean that I graduated I just wouldn’t walk until May. The guy I liked and had been seeing for nearly eight months just up and stopped talking to me. Literally ghosted me. And if you’re reading this right now, bud, good riddance! You do not know what you let go because I seriously would have spoiled the hell out of you. But do give your dog a love from me because I miss him a hell of a lot. Isn’t that bad when you miss the dog and not the guy?

Me & Mumsy before Founders’ Day

Oh and to really show you how much of an ass he was, I had bought an expensive dress for my Founders’ Day party for my chapter of my sorority and had already paid $50 for our tickets to go. He ghosted me two weeks before. So the mumsy was awesome and came as my date. Yeah, don’t ghost me, little boys. I will shame you. Anonymously, but I will shame you.

But anyways, so I was blogging there while constantly applying for jobs and doing some crafting here and there. A lot went on between then and April of 2016 when I started SBG here on WordPress. We got another new member to my family tree with my sorority and initiated her as well. I was busy crafting for them all and making t-shirts for us all as well as other presents.

Life went on and I started the blog here with my first post on April 19 entitled “How I Keep Organized”. Now I don’t have that many followers here because most of my followers on my Tumblr blog are my sorority sisters. But that hasn’t stopped me. Sure, I want to have at least thirty before I’ll do my first giveaway, but ya know, things don’t work out the way we want them to.

I try to blog about what I love, but I don’t want to just do things I absolutely love, belles & beaus! I would really love to hear from you in the comments down there so that I know that you’re enjoying the content I’m putting out and maybe things that you’d like to see.

I’ve promised make up tutorials, but camera first so be patient. But what else do you want to see?

Yes, I started this blog for me. But I also started this blog to be a helpful kind of way to show that life after college is not all roses and sunshine. It sucks adulting, people! I hate it but we must press on. I started this blog to be a happy safe space, but also to prove that not everyone gets lucky post college with jobs. So let’s keep having fun here and tell me what you want to see in the comments!

I also hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane with me about my growing to a wordpress blog. Hopefully we’ll all get to take the plunge together when I finally make up my mind about buying my domain!



2 thoughts on “Why Did I Start My Blog?

  1. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!! I am so happy that I discovered your blog 🙂 I do love your posts!! Your genuine voice always shines through, and I love that it really feels like I am there with you. (I’m also always going to love your Greek posts!!)

    It took me over two years to break down and upgrade my plan/buy my domain, and while I probably could have done it faster, I’m glad I took time to feel comfortable.

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    1. Thank you lovely! That’s all I really want to do is the advice and make you all feel like you’re there with me. It makes it more exciting when you do.

      And feeling comfortable is all that matters otherwise I probably would have never continued on with this blog. Certainly there are some things that have made me change the way I blog, but it’s definitely been a learning curve!


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