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Hey belles & beaus!

Since I’m keeping the trend of celebrating the blog, I thought I would take a walk down memory lane with you all to my childhood. Particularly, we’re going to focus on my favorite shows when I was a kid.

I know you’re waiting for the standard Pokémon and some other girly shows. Sure, I liked Pokémon. I fully admit it. But that wasn’t my favorite. Neither was Yu-Gi-Oh! or Batman. Not even Superman was my favorite show growing up.

Ronan Warriors

Nope, my favorites ran a wide gambit and came on Monday-Friday on Toonami starting at three in the afternoon until about five. Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, G Gundam, Dragon Ball Z, and Ronan Warriors were my favorite shows. I’d come in from school every day and sit with dinner on a tv tray while I watched them. I very rarely missed an episode.


Even to this day, they’re still some of my all time favorite animated shows. So much so, that I own all of Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing on DVD. This includes the movies for each respective show. I also own all of the Ronan Warriors episodes but those are all located in my iTunes.

My point is these were some of my favorite shows. I collected majority of the dolls for Sailor Moon along side my childhood best friend. We would spend hours playing with our dolls, watching episodes again because back when we were kids they would release them on VHS tapes with five episodes on them every so often.

Gundam Wing

Gundam Wing and G Gundam were even worse. Obviously they’re both kind of about the same thing, but they’re set in completely different universes! Yeah, they followed the same plot lines, but let me tell you that the characters were polar opposites. Which is what made Heero Yuy so interesting on some level.


But seriously, I was raised in the world of Anime. That’s just what happened. And don’t even get me started on Dragon Ball Z. If you are letting your nieces and nephews watch that Dragon Ball Z Kai and think it’s so awesome, you are so wrong. It is basically the original show without all the fun stuff. All the filler that was considered “so unnecessary” was the best stuff of the show people!

Goku (L) & Vegeta (R) from Dragon Ball Z

Sure, I love watching Sailor Moon Crystal on Hulu. I’ve read the original mangas that the show is based on! But nothing will ever replace all the added in filler of Raye (Rei) and Serena (Usagi) fighting so often over so much stupid stuff. But truly Serena (Usagi) was too good for her inner scouts. The outer scouts understood how much she truly sacrificed for all of them. Seriously they died like six times in the course of the show’s run… And Raye (Rei) could never admit that maybe, just maybe Serena (Usagi) was totally deserving to act like a child because of having to save their butts all the time?! Like no Raye (Rei) you’re the child in this situation by having no respect for the person who has saved you and the universe numerous times!


The whole gang from G Gundam

I know I totally went on a tangent there, belles & beaus. But Serena (Usagi) will always have a soft spot with me because she was my first role model as a kid. But truly these shows really taught the idea of teamwork as well as the idea that cultivating individual talents isn’t a bad thing. It also taught us that there are fine lines for right and wrong, that even if you were doing it for the right reasons, doing the wrong thing is still doing the wrong thing.

It’s part of the reason that our generation as “millennials” are so outspoken about wrong doings. I promise I will leave the political talk right there, belles & beaus. I’ll save my political talks for one post when I finally feel the need to post it all. I haven’t hit my bottled up limit yet.


But there you go, my favorite shows from childhood!

What are some of your favorite shows from your childhood?