The Run Down: Blog Update

Hey, belles & beaus!

So if you’ve visited the actual blog outside of the WordPress Reader, you’ll probably have noticed that it has a new look to it. I started playing around the other night because I wasn’t happy with the way the theme looked at the time. I tried a few other themes, but nothing really made me happy. Then I got the bright idea to set up a landing page…

Ya’ll I was in tears because it wasn’t cooperating and wouldn’t play nice.

But I got it figured out, so we now have a nice little landing page to welcome you to the blog! *throws confetti*

So I’m sure you’ve noticed – if you’ve seen it – that there are three sections on the home page. ย The five most recent posts, the social calendar, and suggested posts.

I’m going to attempt to change the suggested posts out weekly. I cannot promise it will always be done. I’m hoping that some of my blogger acquaintances (I prefer to call you friends) wouldn’t mind if I linked to some of my favorite posts of theirs – that will be up for discussion at some point. But for now, it will be some of my older posts that I suggest you take a peek at.

I hope you all enjoy the new edition to the blog as much as I do. I promise that Iย will change what is says eventually… I just haven’t made my mind up about what I want it to say yet. But I will also hopefully be changing that image soon if the mumsy and I can take advantage of the pretty weather we’re supposed to have after Thursday!

XOXO, Trula Marie