Hey belles & beaus!

I really thought hard on trying to come up with today’s post and the inspiration actually came from work. I haven’t told you much about my job because I don’t like my frustrations with it to come here on the blog because this is my happy place to share happy things with all of you. But today with talking about fears, I have to share a little with you.

My job is working security. Where I work security is in a medical building and we are exposed to all the fun stuff. So we have to have our blood tested when we’re first hired to make sure we’re up-to-date on all our vaccinations and make sure that the levels of them are good in our bodies.

Well what would you know, but my stinking tightener – Nursing/Medical friends help me out on terminology here please! – didn’t hold one of those mandatory vaccinations that I had when I was younger so I’ve had to go through them again. I worked the third shift last night, and well I had to have my blood drawn to have it tested again. So guess what my fear is?

Yep, you guessed it. I hate needles in reference to having my blood drawn or getting shots. So much so that I will avoid it at any cost. Well of course, I couldn’t today. But I have gotten a whole lot better about having my blood drawn. Pretty much as long I know the needle is about to go into the skin, I’m not going to jump.

I get that some of you are probably sitting there being like “Why are you so scared of needles?” Well, ya’ll, I never had to have my blood drawn up until I was in the first grade because I had mono. If you don’t know what mono is, then be grateful and anytime you hear someone has it be extremely careful! It sucks having it and the older you are when you get it, the even suckier it is to have it. It takes you forever to bounce back.

But digressing, so I hate having my blood drawn. Needles scare the crap out of me when they’re having to be stuck in my body. But I’ve really worked hard to get to the point where I don’t break down before I have to have my blood drawn or anything like that. Thankfully my dentist somewhat spoils me because she numbs me before she sticks the needles in my mouth, but the point is it’s one of my biggest fears.

So my thing is that yeah we have fears. But they can’t hold us back. We have to learn to work past them. Now I know that’s like way easier said than done but still. The idea is that we can’t let them cripple us or ruin our days. So it really isn’t about overcoming your fears, I guess. It’s more so about rationalizing them so that you can get your stuff done but not be stressed out about it.

Sorry, I don’t have any tidbits on how I learned to stomach my fear of needles. It really was just a whole mind over matter thing in the end. And like I said I’m really good about it if they tell me they’re about to stick. I probably won’t ever grow to like needles on some level as far as being poked in my body… But I can handle it to some degree now!

What are some of your biggest fears? Feel free to share in the comments.

XOXO, Trula Marie