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Hey Belles & Beaus!

A lot of you may remember that one of the main reasons the blog was dead prior to the middle of February was because my HP laptop decided to stop charging the battery and I was in need of a new computer.

My MacBook

I’d done my research for a while and my cousin – who is my tech guy – finally just put his foot down so to say and told me to get the MacBook.  So I saved and saved but it was probably going to take me longer than I had wanted to get the money saved to buy it so the mumsy was kind enough to let me borrow the money. I’m paying her back but thankfully we got around to the new computer sooner than I was thinking I was going to.

Well we sadly had to order it because I needed the higher RAM processor, so it took nearly til the end of February to come in at the Apple store. I didn’t trust it being mailed to the house because we live in the boonies. Not the best idea people. If they ever have the option to have it mailed to store, then take it! You don’t pay shipping that way usually.

I was hanging out with a friend and actually picked it up while we were hanging out. Thankfully it wasn’t that distracting to me because I’m one of these that likes to immediately play with all my new things, so at least I wasn’t being that person.

I wanted to wait until I had the precious home for a month before I actually gave my thoughts on it because I really wanted to get used to it first.


The first thing that I absolutely love is that it’s not bulky. I’ve had a laptop of similar size to my MacBook – I went with a 13 inch) – and it was pretty bulky. I love that it’s extremely light weight and that I really just feel like I’m carrying a couple notebooks one handed when I have I carry it one handed.

Now I know you all probably just gasped, but I promise I don’t do it all that often. It’s usually always two handed or held close to my chest when I’m carrying it. Just sometimes I pull it out of my bag one handed and toss it on my bed when I’m getting comfy in my room to blog – like right now.


Okay, if you have not had the pleasure of comparing the sound of a MacBook to any other laptop, please take the opportunity as soon as possible! I literally was flabbergasted when I first heard my Spotify playlists coming out of the speakers. Plus they’re extremely well placed in my opinion because they’re not on top, but on the bottom of the MacBook. The sound usually reflects off the surface you’re using.

The Screen Graphics

I legit thought I was going to have withdrawals from my 17 inch screen on my HP. I absolutely love the screen here on the MacBook. I love it. I just love watching my movies on VUDU on it. I do. I just do. It’s wonderful!

Keyboard Shortcuts

I’m absolutely in love with being able to just click Command + Q and quit whatever program I’m in. I love it! I like the easier way to screen shot instead of just getting the whole screen, you actually can select what you want to screen shot specifically. And I also really like the easiness of the mouse moving and stuff like that. The mouse shortcuts just…. I’m dying over them all, ya’ll! Like seriously!

My Downsides

I’m missing my Microsoft Word. Like I don’t like how everything works with Pages and such here.  I really don’t like that I can’t set a default body. I’ve googled and I can’t find out how to save it like that. So if you have any tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

My other little complaint is getting my iTunes library that I have worked on for almost nine years to actually pull up in the iTunes program on my MacBook. I called Apple support and we thought we’d fixed it, but we’d really just duplicated my library. Now before you say just save it on the computer, I can’t. Remember how I said 9 years of hard work? That’s shows and everything. It’s too big to sit on the 128GB memory this thing has. It’s all on a 1TB hard drive that’s portable and I want to keep it there. So I’ll take any tips on this as well!

Well, there you go. My opinion on my MacBook Pro. I do love it. The downsides are semi-overweighed by the good things. I’ll have the Microsoft problem fixed soon enough when I buy the programs for the MacBook so it’s really just more about getting the iTunes issue fixed.

Do you have or have you had a MacBook Pro? What are your opinions on them?



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  1. I have been planning to upgrade to a MacBook Pro! I think I’m going to do so soon because there’s tons of pros and I have an iPad mini plus an iPhone so I’ll enjoy having the iMessages sync across my devices! MacBooks also don’t get viruses and seem to be really durable! This post was so helpful.

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