Easter Weekend in Review

Hey, belles & beaus!

Between my crazy day Thursday with the whole getting tazed thing for work – for those who follow on Instagram you know – and being worn out between that and working two eight hour shifts on low amounts of sleep, it has been one crazy but really blessed weekend.


Despite getting off at eight Saturday morning and only sleeping for a couple of hours, Saturday was amazing. Mumsy and I had some extra time in the house with the quietness before the family started showing up. Plus it gave me time to get my hair curled and have breakfast before they got there.  We spent the early part of the visit out in the back field shooting guns. I actually got to shoot one of my grandfather’s old rifles. It was a lot of fun.


After that we pretty much hid the easter eggs in both the front and back yards and let the kids go crazy. According to my mother we hid 210, but when we counted them after we had 213. So we’re not sure if there were three extra in the bag that mom bought or the kids found three from last year. Lord only knows with those crazy kids. We then sat and ate dinner with everyone, chatting and getting caught up on each other’s lives.

IMG_6956It was then that one of my extended family/adopted sister brought up that she had gotten tickets for The Phantom of the Opera for her and her oldest daughter. Well she doesn’t care much for musicals, so I volunteered myself to go with her on Easter Sunday to see my favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical. I also volunteered myself to take her to any future musicals with enough notice.  I absolutely love musicals so any opportunity to experience them outside of what I normally would watch.

The show was absolutely more than I ever could have dreamed of. I’m like most people who have seen the movie. I truly adored Gerard in the part of the Phantom. I have loved Ramin as the Phantom ever since Love Never Dies soundtrack.  Our Phantom was Derrick Davis and was absolutely amazing. I’m truly picky and he had chills running down my spine. Now to me, our Christine left me wanting as well our Raoul. Most of the time the latter always leaves me wanting because I haven’t found one I particularly love. But I adore Sierra Boggess as Christine and the one we had… Oh she left me wanting for Sierra. She just… I have this thing about perfect posture.

I know as a performer you can’t keep it constantly. I get it. But this girl literally kept herself hunched over for so many songs that I wouldn’t be surprised if her back was hurting her after the show was over with. But to be honest, it was amazing for my first time seeing it on stage. I was riveted and couldn’t take my eyes off of what was going on on the stage. But that might also have been because it truly is my favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.  My niece also loved it – especially since her mom has basically decided I’m to be the buddy for all future musicals with enough notice. She apparently couldn’t stop talking about it which makes me even happier.

So that was my Easter weekend in a nutshell. I hope all you had an amazing Easter if you celebrate! If you don’t, then I hope you still had a beautiful and amazing weekend!

XOXO, Trula Marie


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  1. I’m glad you had a great Easter weekend and the show sounds like it was definitely interesting! (PS, what lipstick are you wearing?). I’m glad you had a great Easter and I hope you had a good week!

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