Life Update?

Crappy Title Sucks Because I Don’t Know What To Call This

Morning belles & beaus!

So today’s post is going to come a little later today at like eleven – at least I think that’s what time I have it scheduled for. I’m going to be massively out away from the laptop today so I can’t promise I will have my post ready for tomorrow until late late late tonight or early tomorrow morning. I also may be extremely late in approving comments to posts as well as anything on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook.

Now while some of you might be assuming it’s work, it’s not.

I have a date. A really cute date.

So therefore, I will be off grid for the rest of the day because we’re going to go do some fun stuff. I’m taking my camera so maybe some of it could turn into a blog post. I don’t know.

But now ya’ll know that it isn’t because I don’t love ya’ll. It’s because I’m going to have a fun social outing. With a cute guy.

XOXO, Trula Marie