Life Update Vol. 2

And A Quick Poll

Afternoon, belles & beaus!

I think I’m going to keep this going because I kind of like sharing small bits of things with ya’ll, if only to share the happies with you.

So yesterday was really a lot of fun despite my not napping before we went to do things. I actually tried with both of us piled up for a little while and it just… I guess I was far too excited. We took a ride down the Natchez Trace and did some sight seeing, did a little running around town in Florence. I got to introduce him to the record stores and show off some of my music knowledge.

We ended up back at the house and went back to the swimming hole at the creek. I ended up getting in so I officially have my first dip of the year in so I can pretty much handle any body of water now. He got in too but didn’t get in like I did. I was completely soaked. So we came back to the house for me to get a shower and he visited with my mom. Miss Katherine actually let him pet her. For her that was a really big thing, let me tell you! She doesn’t like men after my uncle scared the crap out of her on the porch with his boots.  We ended up piling up in my bed after I’d baked some peanut butter cookies to watch Snow White and the Huntsman.

Granted I fell asleep during it because I’ve seen it a million and one times probably, but it was a good day, ya’ll. And I honestly can’t wait for our next date.

I also have this little Quick Poll for ya’ll to fill out. It’s just two questions and you have to leave a comment if you select other on the second one. Please please please, fill it out! It helps me with writing my posts!

XOXO, Trula Marie