10 Things That Make Me Happy

Hey, Belles & Beaus!

So I figured to celebrate my birthday today that it would be kind of fun to make a top ten list of what makes me happy because today is a happy day for me!

1. Finishing a good book.

Okay I know that some of my fellow book readers are like “How can that make you happy when it ends?” The answer to that is extremely simple. The ending is just temporary. I can always go back and read the book again. I mean I know it sucks when you first finish it but it’s always such fun to finish a book.

2. A really good extra thick chocolate milkshake

Stay with me on this, ya’ll. I absolutely love a good chocolate milkshake. I lived on these for a solid week along side mashed potatoes and gravy from KFC a few summers ago after having my wisdom teeth cut out. But I love milkshakes any time of the year, doesn’t even matter if it’s below freezing outside. If I want a milkshake, then I’m having one.

3. A slice of lemon icebox pie on a hot summer day

Okay, so lemon icebox pies are a semi-big deal in the south. They happen to be one of the two kinds of pies that I actually like. These pies are the perfect amount of tart and sweet to the taste palette.  They’re also the perfect thing on a hot summer day with a glass of half lemonade/half tea.

4. Cuddling Miss Katherine in bed on a cold winter night

This one is always a given. Anytime it’s below 32 here, she gets to come inside. She always sleeps in my room and we cuddle all night. She likes to really get as close to me as possible at night. I don’t know why because usually when we’re on the back porch together she wants her space, but hey I won’t complain. She’s my baby so I don’t mind the extra snuggles.

5. Spending quality time with the mumsy

Now lately we’ve both been so busy that we haven’t gotten to spend a lot of quality time together, but when we do it’s usually watching movies, doing our nails, and stuff like that. I always love getting to spend time with my mom just because she really is one of my best friends.

6. When my makeup is 100% on point

Okay this is probably most women. But legit, if my makeup is on point for the day, then I’m a lot more than likely going to have an extra pep in my step. I absolutely adore nailing something, like my most recent attempt at winged eyeliner that was 95% on point. It literally had me with a little extra pep in my step the whole time the oldest niece and I were at Phantom.

7. Spending time with my sorority family

Literally this is self explanatory for some ladies. When you have a good family tree like I do, then you really getting to spend time with them. Actually as I write this, I’ve heard from three of my lovely ladies via text message for my birthday and I’ve heard from multiple more sisters on Facebook today. I love my sisters dearly. Even if we have times when we don’t get along, we still can come together on occasion and spend time with one another.

8. Halloween

This one is usually a given. Halloween is my number one holiday. Literally, ya’ll, I even tie Halloween in at Christmas with my black tree. Yes, I know. She’s crazy! But, ya’ll, it’s a fun holiday with so much history behind it.

9. St. Patrick’s Day

This is one of those given things. I absolutely love this holiday because I’m half Irish. I know it’s not an official holiday in Ireland, but here it gives me the ability to go a little crazy with my heritage. But I guess I love the excuse to wear a lot of excessive green as well.

10. The beach

I have my Aunt Gina to thank/blame for this. When we’d go visit her in Norfolk, she would always make it a point that we had a whole day spent on the beach. Granted I had to be kept either under and umbrella the whole time or be kept covered in sunscreen to keep me from burning, but we always spent time at the beach. My favorite times were when we’d go at sunset or during a full moon night and walk the beach. I’m hoping that mumsy and I can actually go to the beach some time this summer – even though she hates the beach.

Well, that’s it for my list of things that make me happy. I hope you all have an amazing day!

XOXO, Trula Marie



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      1. In Dublin it is! I mean, its less stereotypical Irish flags and wigs but there are well over 100,000 people out to the parade down the Liffey and O’Connell Street 🙂 And pubs are typically overflowing!


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