iTunes + MacBook

I Figured It Out

Okay, belles & beaus, if you read my review about my MacBook then you know at the time I was having a slight technical difficulty with getting my iTunes library to play nice with the MacBook.

Now speculations had to deal with a different in the way Windows and Mac run the program. Well, this was not the case, ya’ll. When they tell you to update your iTunes program on the computer, just do it. Because that creates the backup of your library that functions and saves all your settings and playlists!

So I basically updated the iTunes program on my old HP laptop, and what would you know? When I went to do the whole list of actions, it worked! Basically you can google the answers to this, but you hold the option key as you open iTunes and you can select your library from any location – including if it is on a portable hard drive like I have now had to do because my library wouldn’t fit on the MacBook. I’m a music junkie.

The crisis of not being able to sync my phone and all the other goodies has been completely avoided now and I can officially say everything is on the MacBook short of photoshop and Microsoft Office. So if you’re having trouble, update the iTunes. Updates seem to suddenly be the key to fixing everything.