Life Update Vol. 4

Two in One Week

Okay, yeah two in one week. I apologize. I meant to write last night but I just kept staring and couldn’t think of anything. Thus, another life update because I don’t wanna leave ya’ll hanging without a post if I can help it.

New Bedding!

So if you remember my post about my personal aesthetic and how wishy washy it is, then you might remember how I talked about going floral with my bedroom and nixing the red and black I’ve been into for a while.

Red is still my favorite color and always will be, but I need a change in the bedroom. I’m still going to have a red and black kitchen when I get out on my own but it might have some pale blue and coral accents on occasion. But I’m digressing.

Thanks to mumsy’s overstock gold rewards, I just got the most beautiful coral floral bedding for free. Yes, belles & beaus, you read that correctly. The bedding is free! See you get so much cash back when you shop with them, so you get all that cash back to use towards things on their website. Well the comforter set -yes it’s bedding but lets be specific – was on sale with free shipping… So yeah, nothing out of pocket. But it’s really pretty with a modern floral design and it’s grey/coral/white. I can’t wait to show ya’ll when it gets here.

Sticky Bra

Also I ordered one of those sticky bras that has been all over the Facebook.  Yes, the one that you pull the string between the boobs and it’s supposed to give you better cleavage. I found one on through a boutique and I should have it by this time next week. I won’t be tossing it on my May Favorites because I won’t get the opportunity to wear it much this month with work being hectic. But hopefully next month I’ll get to.

If not then oh well. Mumsy has promised me that we might take a trip together and I’ll take it with me. I have requested the beach because I’m a beach addict even though I fry in the sun. I promise ya’ll that I’ll take sunscreen and an umbrella with me. I swear it! And maybe there will be cute date things going on if I take the new date with me.

Vlogging Camera Update

I have an update on this, ya’ll! So I have found two separate cameras that I’m in love with. Right now it’s between the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX80 Digital Camera. I’m kinda in love with it plus the one I use for all my photos is a Sony so brand loyalty. I majorly like this one because price point. Ya’ll, I love you, but right now spending $600 on a camera is just not in the cards. So I figured a temporary cheaper camera might be better for the time being. It films in 1080 so I think we’ll be okay, ya’ll. It also has the full flip screen. So we shall see.

The other one I looking at is the Canon PowerShot SX730 HS Digital Camera and it’s like right at $400. But we shall see. It has a lot of the same features as the Sony with the whole flip screen, 1080, and so on.

But I am so willing to have any suggestions at this point, so feel free to toss some suggestions down in the comments for cameras. I will seriously adore whoever sends me the best one.

That’s it for today!

XOXO, Trula Marie