Planning with Planners

And My Difficulties Picking One

Okay, belles & beaus, a hot minute ago I posted on Instagram about my two planners that were gold and white. One was a Kate Spade and the other a Recollections planner that I’d picked up in a personal size at Michaels during a shopping trip with my Louisiana bestie towards the end of last year.

I can never seem to find a planner that makes me happy. Like I really like the DaySpring ones you get at Wal*Mart and stuff, but I don’t like spending a ton of money on one every year to keep my life going. So I’d been looking for one everywhere that just screamed “Keep me and refill me forever”. Well Friday (5/12) when I went to get dinner before work, I just so happened to luck up.

To give some background, I’m a member of two separate planner groups. Well someone had posted in one of them that Jo Ann’s had planners in their clearance. This was probably like a month ago that I might have seen this. But I figured what the heck? So I went to town to get dinner before work and happened to find some in the back in clearance.


I fell in love. I actually couldn’t pick in the beginning but ended up taking home one of the last two pink ones they had. I’m like 100 percent in love. I’m not so much a fan of the way some of the pages are done, but I do love the size of it. It’s an A5.

Now some of the pages are awesome. I like the meal planning one, the notes, and the memory pages. They’re just really different from one another and part of me wants to attempt to use the meal planning pages but it probably won’t happen because I’m just not that put together. But the notes and memory pages will most likely be put to use.


I’m not the biggest fan of the monthly/weekly because they basically have to be kept separate. The monthly calendars are printed on the back of what is basically the divider for each month which really frustrates me to no end. Right now I’m working on trying to figure out better options for 2018 with the monthly/weekly look as well as figuring out if I can have/find someone on Etsy create me some blog planning pages since it’s big enough to do that with now as well as possibly design monthly/weekly layouts for me. If you know anyone that does feel free to send me their Etsy shops in the comments or on the contact page.

I don’t know. We shall have to see because right now it’s really the monthly/weekly part I’m not in love with and they only have it in the option it came with on their website. But the refills that I have looked at are reasonably priced, which is slightly shocking. Most people charge an arm and a leg for refills.  But with it being a standard A5, I might be able to get the ones that Michaels carries and put them inside this one if I can find one I like.

I do highly suggest checking your local Jo Anns if you have one for these planners in the clearance section. They also have the personal size as well as the TNs that seem to be growing in popularity now. Now I just have to find an A5 six hole punch!

I hope ya’ll enjoy my little review and hopefully I will be able to go more in depth on how I like it in a month or so.

What are you favorite planners? Or Etsy shops to shop for planner refills?

XOXO, Trula Marie