King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

A New Spin on the Arthurian Legends

Hey belles & beaus!

Mumsy and I ended up going to do Mother’s Day stuff on Saturday after I’d come in and gotten some sleep after being at work for eight hours and being absolutely worn out. To be honest, I’m still worn out which is why this post didn’t go up on Tuesday like I had originally planned because we went to my middle niece’s last softball game Monday afternoon.

So the movie, in short, was absolutely amazing.  Charlie was amazing as Arthur. I don’t care what anyone says. Fight me! Like seriously, he was awesome and that’s not just my bias talking.

The casting was well done as well besides the obvious Charlie playing Arthur. Eric Bana played King Uther – Arthur’s dad – while Jude Law played opposite of him as Uther’s brother, Vortigern. Aiden Gillen, best known for his part as Little Finger in Game of Thrones, plays one of the knights. Annabelle Wallis, known to me for her part in The Tudors as Jane Seymour and her small appearance in X-Men: First Class as a co-ed that Charles was trying to win over, plays a small part. Granted I would have love to have seen her go bigger in the movie, but she’s playing a big part in the new movie entitled The Mummy so I can understand.

Another actor that I was really excited to see was Djimon Hounsou. He’s had parts in multiple movies like Push with Chris Evans, the new The Legend of TarzanFurious 7Seventh SonGuardians of the GalaxyBeauty Shop, and my absolute favorite part was his part in Gladiator.  Yeah, he’s got a long list of movies and he’s an amazing actor. This movie definitely go to show his talents off.

Of course there are a couple honorable mentions since they weren’t in the movie for that long. First is Katie McGrath who played Jude Law’s wife, Elsa. I won’t ruin what happens for you but she’s not around long if you are a fan. She’s amazing though and this most definitely not her first rodeo with playing in a Arthurian reboot. Her first round was actually in the BBC show Merlin playing Morgana. It was a lot of fun seeing her in it.

My other honorable mention is one that I don’t think I was prepared for. Ya’ll, I literally yanked my phone out from my lap in the middle of the movie and opened my app to look up the movie cast credits. And who would have thought I would be sitting there saying I was right. David Beckham was in the movie. It wasn’t for very long but I kept thinking that I knew that face and when I looked it up, he was in the cast credits. It was a small part and he basically is yelling meanly at Arthur (Hunnam) when he goes to pull Excalibur from the stone.

The change in the Arthur story was very welcomed from the normal routine. I quite enjoyed the difference. I know that they say it tanked, but I honestly believe if it had been promoted better then it might not have. The main reasons it caught my attention circled Charlie Hunnam playing Arthur and of course it’s the Arthurian legend with a new spin on it. I highly recommend giving it a chance if you’re into movies like that. Go see it in the theaters or wait for it to come out on DVD, either way it was definitely worth the watch!

What movies have you watched recently that just blew you away?

XOXO, Trula Marie