Adventures In Cat Food

Hill’s Science Diet Cat Food

Hey Belles & Beaus!

So it’s been an extremely hot minute since I have mentioned to you all my beautiful pride and joy, Miss Katherine. Since mumsy had to make a trip to get things from my aunt and uncle’s home, Katherine and I got to bond a little because I was the only one she was seeing for like three days straight. She’s actually spending equal time between me and mumsy so it’s really quite special.

But I wanted to have a “serious” pet parent talk for a moment just because… Well I want to have a “serious” pet parent talk. She turned five this month, ya’ll. My little cute fur baby has not only been mine for five years as of this past week, but she turned five too! I feel so special to share my birthday month with my baby girl which is pretty awesome to say the least.

Anyways, I had posted about this on my personal Facebook a while ago asking my fellow “cat parents” for food suggestions and I was not let down. My friends started pouring in the advice on what protein filled foods would be a good place to start. I opted for two different ones after having chatted with one of the ladies that worked at our local Petco. She was really informative and helped make my decision a little easier. Plus the incentive of the fact that if Katherine doesn’t like it I can take it back to the store and get a refund or switch it out is really awesome.

Both are the Hill Science Diet. The first one I bought her was the Optimal Adult Diet for years 1-6 and then I also bought her the Hairball Control formula at a few days later. I actually also bought a container the same day and mixed the two formulas together so she’s eating both. She actually seems to like them and we have been using it for nearly 30 days. The hairball issues have been actually less but I’m also going to attribute that to me brushing her all the time as well. Like yesterday, I cleaned out this huge ball of fur from her brush.

But she’s really enjoying her new food and I’m enjoying how much more playful she is. We literally play with her squeaky mouse on a bungee string for a solid 30 minutes. She seems to enjoy it and then she has her solo play time as well with her toy mouse or her little Wickett stuffed animal that she got for her birthday. To be honest, she still prefers Chewie, but I’m somewhat nervous because he’s so fuzzy in comparison to Wickett. But if she wants him, she knows where her toys are and she can actually pull him out if she wants him.

But right now we’re going to give the food two paws up and two thumbs up as well. We will re-evaluate once we finish the food so that I can kind of judge a bit more for ya’ll. But for now, definitely two paws and two thumbs up from us gals.


Trula Marie & Katherine