I Think I Love Pink

And I Mean The Color

So as I stated in a life update, I had ordered a new bed spread via Overstock.com and basically got it for free because Mom and I shop on there an get tons of cash back so use on the site as well so I used that to pay for it. Plus free shipping? Um, not going to turn that down ever!

So as I think I mentioned that it’s actually a coral color, but coral is sorta halfway between the pink color family and the orange color family. But the coral on the bedspread is definitely in the pink family. Plus ya’ll saw my new planner and of course, it’s pink as well!

I have an Outfit of the Day I want to share really soon with ya’ll that I wore to my bestie’s art show back at the beginning of May and it might even be on my May favorites as well but I’m not sure yet. I’m still cultivating that list of things for the month because yet again I haven’t done that much shopping this month.

But essentially I’m absolutely in love with the pink family but then again my favorite color is red so yeah.

I know. Too much personal aesthetic stuff, Trula. We get it. You’re maturing. So sue me! I’m going to do a review on the bedspread next month because seriously I’m in love with it and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with ya’ll on it. But definitely loving it to pieces right now. Plus I really want to try and get the new sheets and blanket plus a new pillow case for the new body pillow that I bought this past weekend because I have murdered my old one essentially.

But yes, I think I’m now obsessed with the mauve and coral shades of pink. I’m not even going to apologize. Even though I totally stayed up last night after sleeping most of the day post work on Monday and painted my toes and fingers red. I was going to go mauve but I just wasn’t feeling it and I have’t painted them a bright red in a while so I did that. Most definitely, I’m changing my opinion on the color pink. But when you’re basically a member of the palest human beings club, it’s hard to love a color that will potentially wash you out depending on the shade. So there’s that.

I mean if you’ve seen my Instagram you probably noticed the really hot pink shirt I was wearing in one of my selfies from a few weeks ago. I was really nervous about wearing it when I bought it but I figured why not? Plus it’s super cute and I’m in love with it. But yeah, I’m trying to give pink another chance in my wardrobe by just really being careful about what shades I buy and stuff like that. Definitely giving it another chance in my life at this point with the whole maturing and trying to get a better bedroom look as well.

So that’s it’s for today, unless I happen to think of some really cute happy thing to share with ya’ll. I’m going to do a “What’s in my Bag?” blog post without a video sometime this week, possibly tomorrow if I can get it written up tonight and then just come in and take the photos tomorrow. I don’t know. We’ll see. It just depends on how tired I am after work and if I can keep myself awake long enough to get the photos done.


Trula Marie